I was having a real good day

D. G. Martin

July 1, 2011

I was having a real good day. My wife and I went to Bojangles for our late breakfast, went outside, picked up our Tribune on the way home.

I sat down in my La-Z-Boy to enjoy the paper. Right there on the front page, the story stated that the Mountain Valley 1A, 2A Atheltic Conference had made the decision not to honor the pass starting the new season. My wife said I blew up. I started calling Elkin and Starmount schools, Rep. Foxx, Senators Burr and Hagan, the athletic directors of the schools, and even the Governor. Also I called the Aging and Adult Services. They said as far as they knew every other conference cared about their seniors and were honoring their senior citizen Tarheel passes.

I know that the schools need money real bad, but I also know a lot of senior citizens go on this pass that couldn’t go to the games. A lot take their grandkids and great grandkids. They spend money on concessions and other things. I love Starmount football and never missed many games. I will keep going as long as my health permits, but a lot of seniors will not be able to go.

With this government working hard every day to take away Social Security and Medicare, should we seniors try to get our pass back or not?

Ah, what does it matter anyway? What’s just one more thing for our seniors to lose?

Barry Bryant