Cupcakes for a cause

Lindsay CravenStaff Writer

August 14, 2012

August 8 was all about cupcakes in Yadkinville. The Branch Bakery sponsored “Cupcakes for Carmen’s Cure.”

The benefit was for Carmen Headen, the town clerk for Yadkinville and the president of the Yadkin County Humane Society. Headen was recently diagnosed with stage 0 breast cancer.

“It’s been a fast but slow process,” Headen said. “I went in for a mammogram on June 20. I went back for 12 biopsies on June 25, they called me with results the next day, and then I met with my doctors to figure out a treatment plan on June 29.”

Since Headen’s cancer is stage 0 she was given the option to receive a double mastectomy or to go through radiation. She chose surgery.

“I’m just grateful that we caught it this early and that I have an option in my treatment because I was terrified of the possibility of radiation,” Headen said.

Once the town learned of Headen’s diagnosis friends gathered together to find a way to help with her medical bills. Gaye Baity, owner of Third Branch Bakery, had worked with Headen on similar cupcake projects for the Yadkin Humane Society and Yadkin County SCAN.

“Someone called me and asked if I would be willing to do a cupcake fundraiser for Carmen and I said ‘absolutely’ with no hesitation and no doubt because she does so much for the humane society and so much for the animal shelter,” Baity said.

Baity’s employees donated a lot of their time to make the cupcakes a possibility. Baity donated some of the ingredients to make the cupcakes and only deducts the ingredients that weren’t donated from the donation she gives to Headen.

Baity said she baked 700 cupcakes before they had to cut off orders. She set up a donation jar for customers who were not able to purchase cupcakes before the cutoff mark. Cupcakes were packaged 6 in a container and sold for $7.50 per package.

Baity said that she expects to hand over about $725 to Headen to assist with her medical bills. Over $600 comes from cupcake sales and $about $120 comes from cash donations.

During the cupcake sale Lyssa Logan, a 15 year old Yadkin Early College sophomore, set up a table at The Branch Bakery to sell her homemade jewelry and all profits she made were donated to Headen as well. Logan has been making jewelry for nearly three years and is a close friend to Headen.

“I get emotional when I think about the fundraising efforts,“ Headen said. “I didn’t know that I touched so many people’s lives. It’s been very humbling. I call all of them my pink warrior angels.”

Headen said that there are plans for a cruise in, charity ride and Scentsy events to raise additional money for her medical bills.

“The support has been unbelievable,” Headen said. “I’ve met people that are survivors and even though I’ve never met them before it’s like I’ve known them all of my life and it’s really touching.”

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