Yadkin GOP hosts state candidates at monthly meeting

Lindsay CravenStaff Writer

August 22, 2012

Congresswoman Virginia Foxx and Senator Peter Brunstetter joined Yadkin County Republicans at their monthly GOP meeting on Aug. 14.

It was a big meeting for the Yadkin County GOP, with Romney announcing his running mate Paul Ryan since the last meeting. Both Foxx and Brunstetter shared high hopes for the party and personal experiences in Washington with Yadkin residents.

“People ask me about Paul Ryan, and I will just tell you that I’m in love with the guy,” Foxx said. “His philosophy is in his bloodstream. He doesn’t have to hesitate when he answers a question because he knows the answer. I will bet you that there has never been another person in this country who knows the federal budget as well as he does.”

Foxx said that she was one of only 14 people to sign off on what became known as the Ryan budget. She says she believes it is the answer to the deficit and debt problem that the country faces in years to come.

“With Ryan’s plan we will come to balance the budget,” Foxx said. “It takes 23 years, but we wipe out the deficit and we wipe out the debt. It could be done in less time than that but what Paul’s done and what we’ve all signed on to is that we’re not going to harm people in existing programs in order to get it done quicker.”

Foxx said that she wanted to ease people’s concern about the issue of Medicare that has been brought up in the media since Ryan was declared Romey’s running mate. She assure the audience that Medicare will still be there but that it is true that Medicare will no longer exist as it is known today.

“If you’re 55 and above you will not have any changes whatsoever to Medicare,” Foxx said. “If you’re 55 and below you have a choice; you can stay in the existing Medicare program or you can go into a different program. In the different program there will be three plans and you can choose among those plans. It spends as much money as Obamacare does so it doesn’t make any cuts and people can stay with it or not stay with it.”

Pete Brunstetter shared that while it is important to Republicans to make sure that the Romey/Ryan ticket make it to the White House this fall, it is also important to remember the state and local elections.

“I want to remind you too of the state races and the local races all of which have so much daily impact on our lives,” Brunstetter said. “In North Carolina if you want to make a things happen what you need to do is make sure you control the legislatures, make sure you have a good governor and make sure that you control the NC Supreme Court. All of those are at play this election.”

Brunstetter emphasized the NC Supreme Court election, pointing out that two years ago Republicans lost the majority of Supreme Court justices. He says that it is crucial that this majority be restored in this election. He implied that Democrats will be working hard to make sure that this majority remains in their favor.

“It’s a lot cheaper and a lot more efficient to knock off a Supreme Court justice than it is to try to take back the NC Senate and the NC House,” Brunstetter said.

Brunstetter said that he just wanted people to realize that while he may not be out speaking at multiple events he was there for them and listening to their problems.

“I don’t speak a lot when I have the opportunity and that’s mainly because I try to listen,” Brunstetter said. “I try to listen and I try to learn and I try to help. I am not here asking you for anything. I’m here to tell you that I want to work with you and I hope I’ve shown some of that already. We’re not going to get through this if we don’t all pull together.”

Foxx summed up both candidates theory on this year’s presidential election.

“This is most important election of our lifetimes,” Foxx said. “I believe it’s the most critical period since 1776. I think we’re being tested like we’ve never been tested before. We have a choice, we can either become like the European socialists or we can remain a free people and have the wonderful, great country that we’ve always had.”

Other news from the meeting:

-The Yadkin County GOP plans to host booths in front of its headquarters at the Harvest Festival. The group plans to sell food, hats and pins and register voters for the fall election.

-Chairman Warner Wingler let members know that he will provide them with sample ballots as soon as they are made available.

-The GOP voted to hold its Republican Rally and chicken stew on October 13 at the Yadkin Moose Lodge. They hope to have Pual Newby as a guest speaker.

-$400 cash was donated by members to help cover expenses for the Harvest Festival and to go towards the GOP building fund.

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