Letter to the Editor

Submitted by Cleve Hollar

September 12, 2012

This administration is like a stagnant pond that breeds leeches by entitlement. These leeches latch on to the American people and with our government’s help suck the life out of them.

The current administration distributes our wealth to anyone and everyone who asks for it, by taking it away from those who work and never ask. This is what is draining our economy. Under the administration it is being called distribution, but in actuality this is socialism.

We need to stop being complacent. No matter which party you support, we need to band together as one and stand up to stop our country from going down this destructive way. Some may think socialism will never happen here; that’s what Germany thought in 1932; that’s what Russia thought in 1917, and that’s what France continues to think.

We have spent millions in projects that do not make sense. We have taken the wealth away from the people of our nations that are plotting our destruction. What craziness! Please vote correctly in this election to remove this hindrance to our freedom. We are one nation under God.

Linda Williams, Yadkinville