County Commissioners to work with DOT

Lindsay CravenStaff Writer

September 19, 2012

The Yadkin County Board of Commissioner’s held its second meeting of the month on Sept. 17. Vernia Wilson with the North Carolina Department of Transportation [NCDOT] was in attendance to make a presentation to the commissioners.

The NCDOT presents to the board of commissioners once ever seven to eight years to discuss upcoming work to roads, highways and freeways in the county. This presentation was to inform the county and the board that the process was set to begin this year.

Wilson provided the commissioners with a map of the county and told them that she would be coming back for their input on what roads, highways and freeways needed the most attention. Wilson said that this is a three step process with the announcement of the process being first, the commissioner’s input being the second and the input from the community being the third.

The process takes 22 months and Wilson said that she hopes to have a public presentation prepared by the middle of October.

Other items from the Sept. 17 meeting:

-The commissioners voted 5-0 to approve a change order for the jail construction project. The county’s project manager Barry Hennings said that the $29,628.35 change order was for the cost removing unsuitable soil from the jail location and replacing it with on-site materials. “It’s important to remember that this does not increase the budget,” said Aaron Church, county manager. “We projected $100,000 in changes and we are well within budget and within changes that we expected.”

-The commissioners voted 5-0 to approve a $6,359.18 payment to Charles Underwood for emergency repairs made to Yadkinville’s booster pump station. The repairs were due to a piece of PVC piping that became lodged in the pump. Church said that he received a call from the town telling him that the situation was an emergency and requesting funds from the town for the repair. “There was not contract for the job,” Church said. “The town handled it and sent the bill to the county. The work has been done and handled.” The commissioners did ask that Assistant County Manager and Finance Officer Lisa Hughes look into having the $149.18 in sales tax removed before the bill is paid.

-The board voted 5-0 to approve a $12,360 payment to Gene and Marie Grange for unpaid rent installments for the last 15 months. The rent is for the offices of the Division of Adult Correction on Carolina Avenue. Church said that the county did not have a lease on file for the property and had not received any complaints for the lapse in payments. Church said that with the board’s approval the debt would be paid and the county has plans to move the probation offices from this location to a county office by December of this year.

-The board voted 5-0 to award the bid for the Public Safety Radio System RFP to 4G Communications. Ellis Frazier reviewed the eligible bids the county received for the project and presented to the board on his recommendation. Frazier said that 4G Communications was one of only three bidders that met all of the qualifications set forth by the county. It is a North Carolina company that is owned by disabled veterans.

-The board gave the county manager authorization to negotiate another contract with the existing Certified Personal Accountant Martin & Starnes for the next fiscal year.

-The board elected Dean Swaim to move from an alternate member on the Planning Board to a regular board member. The board also elected Calvin Bryant and Brett Abernathy to fill the vacancies on the Board of Health.

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