Letter to the Editor

Submitted by Sandra Boggs

December 24, 2012

My name is Sandra,

I have been delivered from alcoholism by the Grace of God. I became a destructive child at age 10. I lived through abusive relationships , jail and misery throughout my life. There is nothing I haven’t tried or even seen.

Until the twelve step program.

It opened my eyes and saved my life and I am very grateful for all the help. Now I would like to return the favor by helping my brothers and sisters also. You see, I was still battling with helplessness and depression . Although I wasn’t drinking, I was weighed down with pressures of this world and decided to turn my life over to the higher power which is Jesus Christ because my way would not work.

I was helpless and decided to surrender. I prayed the Lord would take away my craving and the misery and he did. I repented of my sins and he washed them away into the sea, never to be remembered again. He gave me another chance. I thank God that he is forgiving and I didn’t die lost.

Instead of worrying about this world that is only temporary I needed to worry about where I was going to spend eternity, forever. Brothers and sisters, there is nothing better than going to Heaven but to take someone with you. Some call it Heaven, I call it home. Whom the Son has set free is free indeed. I praise God and give him all the honor and glory.

God Bless…Amen