Humane society donates money for training

Staff Reports

March 19, 2013

Yadkin County Humane Society President Carmen Headen delivered a check in the amount of $150 to Yadkin County resident Ben Hooker for Animal Cruelty Training that will be held April 29 through May 3 in Greensboro.

Headen wrote a letter to the ASPCA requesting for a grant for Hooker to attend the training.

Headen said that Hooker approached the Yadkin County Humane Society regarding funding for the training, which was a total of $600. Although YCHS wanted to fund the training entirely, they had to make sure they were utilizing their monies in a profitable way.

“We wanted to make sure the Animal Cruelty Training will be utilized for the Yadkin County animals,” Headen said. “Hopefully, the sheriff’s office will use Hooker in situations to where the animal(s) need to be assessed and removed from situation.”

Headen said $600 is a lot to the YCHS and decided to ask for a grant or donations for Hooker to take the class.

“We are a small county and we are behind in the times. The mentality of the residents is not up-to-date on how to treat your animals/pets,” Headen said.

Headen said that she feels Hooker is the perfect person to send to this training.

“He is a true voice for the animals,” Headen said. “He is very dedicated and has a great passion for the animals. He wants to educate the public about how to take proper care of their pets. He is a true animal lover.”

Hooker still needs a $150 to attend this training. He is taking time off from his job and paying for his own meals and hotel stay.

Anyone interested in supporting Hooker can call Carmen Headen at (336) 679-2377.