Local Energy Cooperative Members Eligible to Receive Live 24/7 Nurse Access

Staff Report

September 26, 2013

Finding a health care provider at midnight just got a bit easier for Surry-Yadkin EMC members.

Touchstone Energy’s Co-op Connections program has partnered with Our Health Data Cooperative’s (OHDC) LiveCare Clinic™ program to provide 24/7 live nurse access. Members can register their families for this service at http://ourhdccoopconnection.com/ at an annual enrollment rate of just $69.95, with an additional small co-pay for needed doctor access any time of day. Surry-Yadkin EMC is a member of Touchstone Energy Cooperatives.

This new program is offered as part of OHDC’s services of “Preparing Empowered Patients™”, and Touchstone Energy’s support of the OHDC’s efforts to build a patient-owned health information system that answers, “What treatment works best for my condition?”

“OHDC will help millions of patients better manage the use of their health data and become part of a larger movement to create a comprehensive, evidence-based clinical research Learning Health System, said OHDC Chairman Patrick Grant. “Individuals, not private companies, will own their health information and will directly benefit financially from the use of their information in research.”

“The system we are building will help patients understand their options when their doctor presents them with a diagnosis and treatment, based on the analysis of data accumulated from 50 Million other patients,” said Grant. “It will allow patient and physician access to the probabilities of what may work, as well as what may not work, from each treatment option. With the support from Touchstone Energy, expanding awareness to its existing 30 Million members will allow us to more quickly disseminate health information and benefit the individual Cooperative members economically, who will share in the fees generated by companies accessing OHDC for research information.”

“Patient ownership and control of their health data is a key differentiator of OHDC. We believe that patient ownership of individual health data will be the platform that breaks down the reluctance for sharing, that currently exists in the private organizations holding silos of health data,” said Grant.

Touchstone Energy Cooperatives

Touchstone Energy Cooperatives (http://www.touchstoneenergy.com/)

is a national alliance made up of 750 local, consumer-owned electric cooperatives in 46 states. Touchstone Energy co-ops collectively deliver power and energy solutions to more than 30 million members every day. The Co-op Connections website, http://www.connections.coop, allows consumer-members to obtain details about online, national and local discounts offered across the country.

Our Health Data Cooperative

Our Health Data Cooperative (http://www.ourhdccoopconnection.com/) is a national patient-owned cooperative. It is committed to lowering the cost of health care for the United States and improving the health care for disparate patient groups by gathering health related data anonymously for each member via their individual cooperative stock number, which allows the data to stay in the patient’s doctor’s office. Individual membership is open to all US residents and there is no out of pocket cost to join.