Kailub Russell recognized for national championship

Taylor Pardue Staff Reporter

December 5, 2013

A Yadkin native was recognized by the Board of Commissioners Monday for his 2013 championship in cross country motocross.

Kailub Russell was honored by the board during its 9 a.m. meeting for his winning season.

Russell won seven of 13 three-hour races in the Grand National Cross Country circuit, earning him the championship position.

Russell clinched the win by placing first in the final race of the year.

Russell’s competition for the win in that race was also his competition for the overall win. He beat out the competitor for both wins in the last moments of the Ironman GNCC in Crawfordsville, Ind.

”He came in to the last round essentially tied with a top competitor for the championship, and whoever came out on top of that race was going to win the championship,” Austin said. “That’s a lot of pressure, but Kailub has been through it before.”

Chairman Kevin Austin read a resolution from the board in honor of the accomplishment.

The commissioners joined Russell for a photograph, and Austin and a member of Russell’s family displayed a large poster with Russell and his bike on it to the audience.

Attending the meeting with Russell were several members of his family, including his wife Chandler. She is the granddaughter of Commissioner Marion Welborn, who made the first motion to adopt the resolution.

“Probably nobody in this room, except maybe Kevin, knows how much work goes in to what Kailub accomplished,” Welborn said. “To ride three hours through the woods as hard as you can, you got to be in shape.”

“It is really nice to know that Yadkin County has a…been recognized nationally for something like this instead of a fight in the Walmart on Black Friday,” Commissioner David Moxley joked in his closing comments to the audience. “It really is an honor.”

According to motorcycle magazine Cycle News, Russell was separated by only two points going into the final race. His competitor was also his teammate, Charlie Mullins.

In the end Russell won by a margin of 36 seconds over Mullins to finish off the season.

Russell competed in the XC1 division of GNCC.

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