Civitas Media launches interactive community website

By Wendy Wood

December 19, 2013

Civitas Media, The Yadkin Ripple’s parent company, is committed to serving its communities and providing relevant news and information through multiple channels. With this in mind, Civitas Media is launching myownyadkinville.com, an interactive community website, in Yadkin County.

Yadtel is the sponsor for myownyadkinville.com.

The site features hyper-local news and information generated by community residents about area happenings and events.

“The MyOwn Community website is based on the town square, or public square, concept,” said Michael Bush, Civitas Media’s president and CEO. “As an amateur historian, I am intrigued by how communities were influenced by the interaction that took place in the town square, or community center, and how important that type of interaction still is today.”

The MyOwn website is a community-specific news, information and engagement platform driven by the most important individuals in Yadkin County, its citizens. “The MyOwn sites can revolutionize the way neighbors connect with each other and their communities,” Bush said.

The MyOwn website is an innovative way to find out about, and participate in, what’s going on near you. The site has been built so that you have plenty of opportunity to share photos, videos and stories, as well play online games, post upcoming events or just see what your neighbors are doing.

Yadkin County’s MyOwn website is now available at myownyadkinville.com. Log in today and see where community comes together.