NETworX program graduates first class

Staff Report

The first graduation class of Yadkin NETworX.

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Staff Report

On Oct. 19, a new program called NETworX celebrated the first class to graduate from the unique program. NETworX is a program designed to build relationships across lines of socio-economic class, culture, and race, with the goal of securing well-being together, explained Laura Beach, one of the group organizers.

The program consists of a 15-week training class, followed by work in smaller networks as participants build supportive relationships and work towards individual and community-level goals.

“We are very excited that tonight we are not only graduating the first class to use the new NETworX curriculum, but also the first class to be taught bilingually, in English and Spanish,” Beach said. “Our class has a lot to be proud of.

“NETworX Yadkin is a network of support where we seek to build relationships across lines of class, race, and culture in order to strengthen and transform our lives and our community,” Beach explained. “Our goal is securing well-being together. We do this by setting individual and community goals to overcome barriers of poverty and isolation. Our vision is to work together to create a community where all can flourish. We meet weekly to share a meal and learn together. New participants are invited to go through a 15-week training program — tonight we are celebrating the completion of that course for our graduates. Now that these individuals are graduating, they will be matched with others in smaller networks, and these group members will provide support to one another as they each strive to reach the goals they have set for themselves. At the same time, they also become leaders in our community as we work together to identify and address issues in our community that keep people from thriving.”

As part of the graduation ceremony, participants shared their dreams for their futures Beach said. Several common themes emerged: learning English more fluently, going back to school, owning their own homes, and seeing their children graduate and have a career.

The next session of NETworX is slated to begin in January and individuals of Anglo or Latino descent are invited to participate. For details, email Laura Beach at or call/text 540-420-0352. Volunteers also are need to assist with meals, childcare or transportation, they are asked to contact Meals and Childcare Coordinator Crystal Imes at 336-671-3109.

The first graduation class of Yadkin NETworX. first graduation class of Yadkin NETworX. Submitted photo

Staff Report

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