Mummy and Me programs at Iredell Museums

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Exciting hands-on Mummy and Me programs at Iredell Museums are available every Saturday.

Mummy and Me programs are fun crafts, activities, or games for kids of all ages. Programs are every Saturday and start on the hour at 11 a.m., noon, 2 p.m., and 3 p.m. All programs are funded by a generous grant from the Wells Fargo Foundation and are included in the cost of admission.

Upcoming May programs are:

• May 7: Mummy Beads for Mother’s Day — The ancient Egyptians wanted to look their best in the afterlife and would be buried wearing their favorite jewelry, including bracelets, intricate collars, and anklets. Learn about this strange practice and make your Mom a piece of jewelry she’ll want to take to her next life!

• May 14: Draw like an Egyptian — To keep the gods happy, any figures in ancient Egyptian art had to be equally proportioned, with normal-sized arms, legs, hands, and feet. To make sure everything looked good, artists had to follow specific rules. Learn about the rules of Egyptian art and make your own piece of Egyptian art!

• May 21: Forgery Detectives — Egyptian artifacts are extremely valuable for their rarity and cultural significance. Because they’re so valuable, forgeries are common! Put on your art detective badge and learn how to identify forgeries of Egyptian artwork. You’ll even get a chance to help identify a forgery in the Museum!

• May 28: Tipcat – Egyptian Baseball — Just like today, kids in ancient Egypt enjoyed playing games and competing with each other. Boys and girls played a game called Tipcat, which is similar to modern baseball! Start your Memorial Day Weekend by channeling the ancient Egyptians and playing a game of Tipcat.

Staff Report

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