What Christmas Means to Me

Yadkinville Elementary School

Debby Wyant

Third Grade

Isabella Vargas: Christmas means being with my family to celebrate and to put up the Christmas tree. We put up stocking, write letters to Santa Claus and bake cookies. We cook special home-made cookies, hot milk, and make tamales for the family. We make presents with decorations on them. The other thing about Christmas is that we are nice and peaceful with each other. Then Santa Claus comes and leaves us presents and the we see the toys. The most important thing that Christmas means to me is that it if Jesus’ Birthday.

Madison McMann: Christmas means to me tradition. We play games. We cook pies. Sometimes we have ham or turkey, but mostly ham with mashed potatoes with gravy, veggie plate with carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, cauliflower and Ranch dip. We decorate the tree, our house like putting up our stockings. We decorate at our Grandma’s and Grandfather’s too. Santa Claus comes once a year. He brings presents if we are good, and if not, we get coal in our stockings. We travel a lot back and forth to parents and grandparents houses. That is what Christmas means to me.

Gracie Burton: Each year we celebrate Christmas . What this means to me is that people are going to be with their families. The thng that Christmas means most to me is the traditions that are family does. We always go to my aunt’s house for Christmas. The thing that most people remember is the decorations to me, the exciting thing that Christmas means is the toys and presents. It is very funt oget toys and presents. Also, Christmas means that Santa Claus is going to be coming. Christmas will always be a special time and that time is Jesus’ birthday.

Elvis Galarza: Christmas means to me: I like Christmas because you get to spend it with your family and because you get presents for your family. I like Christmas because you decorate your Christmas tree with different decorations. Sometimes you get to travel to different places to spend Christmas night. Most of all, it is a peaceful night. I like Christmas too because Santa Claus comes to town.

Chelsea Brown: Each year we celebrate Christmas. What I love about Christmas is that I get to go to my great Gramma’s and have baked potatoes or mashed potatoes and cake. We also go around town and look at the lights. This is a tradition for my family. My grandpa travels from Georgia at Christmas day to see us. He does it each year. Santa Claus comes each year but if you have been bad, you get coal. If you have been good you can get presents. I have decorations each year. Last, but not least, it is peaceful at Christmas.

Corde Gray: What Christmas means to me is having fun with your family. Christmas is not about getting presents. Christmas is peaceful and relaxing. Christmas is about the decorations that you see sometimes, Christmas means traveling with your family. Some people have traditions for Christmas. The best thing about Christmas is that it is Jesus’ birthday. The reason I love Him is that He is the one who created Christmas. And Jesus is awesome!

Bryanna Alexander: What Christmas Means to Me is I get to go to Pennsylvania. When I go, I see family. We cook ham, macaroni, cake and cookies. Everyone is smiling and having fun. Another fun thin of my Christmas tradition is we celebrate Jesus’ birthday. We have a doll that is Jesus. We pass it around and say what we are glad to have. And that is what Christmas means to me.

Kayla Jimenez: We celebrate Christmas because I want toy presents for me. I like to celebrate Christmas for I can be with all my family. I like to celebrate because I like to do food for Santa Clause. He can eat cookies and milk. I Santa Claus because he gives all the people presents. I like presents. My family gives me presents too. We like to decorate our Christmas tree and it looks pretty.

Moises Sarabia: Christmas means Jesus’ birthday because that’s when He was born. He came to this world to save us from the devil and to show us the way to salvation. My uncles will visit from Wisconsin and Michigan. Every Christmas I get a remote car and a phone. This year I wish for Beats headphones. We have peace in my home. We pray and read the Bible. This is what Christmas means to me.

Juan Albarran: What Christmas Means to Me is going to get the Christmas tree. We get a tree and take it home to decorate. When we finish, we go to the lights in Tanglewood. On Christmas, we get to go to my aunt’s house and eat cake. Then I go to my grandma’s to open my presents. We eat at my house: ham, mashed potatoes and macaroni. This is how I spend my Christmas.

Kenzie: Christmas is a special day to me because it is Jesus’ birthday. Christmas is also when family gets together and shares Christmas dinner. Every Christmas we travel between Virginia and North Carolina so I can share it with my parents. We put up a tree and on Christmas morning, there are toy for us from Santa. Every Christmas we visit my grandma in Virginia and then we come back and open the presents that are under the tree. Once we open the presents, we play with them. This ends the day. We are tired and go to bed.

Andy Munoz: I like when the relles magos (Magical Kings) bring toys to us. In Mexico, we light fireworks. I always have fun with my family. And in Mexico we eat ceviche (a Mexican food with tomato, jalapeños, onion and more) and other great food. Me and my family celebrate Jesus’ birthday. We sing and go to different houses. We also go to church and to some other houses. All that means Christmas to me.

Connor Parrish: I can tell you what Christmas means to me. To me, Christmas means the birth of Jesus. It is my favorite holiday. First, Christmas is the time to spend with family: moms, dads, brothers, sisters and grandparents. I always spend time with my family on Christmas Eve. Secondly, I love Santa. I like the toys he brings me. One Christmas, he brought me a grabber. I can’t wait to see what he brings me this year. Thirdly, and most important, it is Jesus’ birthday. To me, it is the true meaning of Christmas. That’s why Christmas is my favorite holiday. This is what Christmas means to me.

Alexa Villa Sandoval: What I love about Christmas is that the family is close together to sing song and play games. Me and my mom make cookies. The cookies are so good. They taste like vanilla. We also make gingerbread houses. When we open the presents, all of them are not from Santa Claus. Some of them are from my family, like my grandparents and from cousins. I like it when we open the presents. Some of them are Mexican toys.my favorite part is when we sing songs together.

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