What Christmas Means to Me

Yadkinville Elementary School

Samantha Shore

Third Grade

Christmas is a lovely holiday. Children sing carols, decorate trees and open presents. So you may be asking, “What does Christmas mean to me?” I think Christmas is all about family and kindness and being thankful. My traditions are visiting my grandma’s house and opening presents.

By: Brayden Hubbard

What Christmas means to me is giving presents to the one you love and your family. It’s a happy holiday to me. Me and my family go on a vacation and I have fun with my family. When we come back we make razzberry pie. Then go to my grandma and granpa’s house to share our razzberry pie. Then we go home to watch Christmas movies and eat cookies and milk.

By: Joanna Morales

What Christmas means to me is getting together with friends and family. Next is you can go places with your family. You can walk with your family and friends. But the main thing is enjoying what is going on in your life and enjoying life as long as you can. One more thing you can love Christmas and your family.

By: Johnathan Galindes

What Christmas means to me is to celebrate it with my family and be a good Christmas. What Christmas means to me is when we wrap our presents. What Christmas means to me is when our family is happy . What Christmas means to me is when they like the presents they got. What Christmas means to me is when the kids play because they’re happy with what they got.

By: Estefani Salgado Parra

What Christmas means to me is I go to visit my family to celebrate Christmas. I have lots of fun with my family on Christmas and I have lots of food. We decorate the Christmas tree and put presents under it. On December 24th I will open the presents and we eat with my family again. When it is snowing my family will play in the snow and have fun.

By: Anayeli Mendoza

Christmas means to me that I see my family and spend time with them on Christmas Eve. I see what Santa got me and my mamaw spends the night at my house on Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas!

By: Sophia Pyles

Christmas means to me to give surprises to each other. That’s fun! Me and my friends can play snowball fight and we decorate the Christmas tree and build a snowman. It will be fun and we can put the star up in the tree. Then we can make snow angels and we can drink coffee and we can slide down the hill. When it’s Christmas I am so glad because of all the snow and cookies and surprises. I am so glad! I wish the snow could come right now!

By: Mayrin Sanchez Parra

Christmas means to me I get to see my whole family and I get to have presents and candy. I have fun with them and my cousins and my uncles and aunts. I get to eat my favorite foods – deviled eggs and ham.

By: Henry Hutchens

Christmas means a good time to me because I can see my family and I also will get a lot of toys because I have been good a little.

By: Wes Painter

This is what Christmas means to me. Christmas is fun for me because you get presents on Christmas day. I also go to my Nana’s house and eat breakfast on Christmas morning. We sometimes go to the outlets too. That’s what I do for Christmas.

By: Jaxon Freeman

Christmas means to me that every Christmas me and my family go to eat at the Mexican restaurant then we go home so we can open my presents. By: Maria Overby

Christmas means to me is my cousins come to my house to eat Christmas food and play. The special part of the day is my cousins sleep over at my house.

By: Cristian Pelagio-Uriostegui

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