What Christmas Means to Me

Forbush Elementary School

Kayla Matthews

Third Grade

Christmas means to me.Christmas is a focus on Jesus’ birthday. Have time with family and friends, sing songs, open presents, and be thankful for every thing.It is a fun time to have fun with family and friends.

By Giovanni Casertano

Christmas is when Jesus was born and his birthday. Santa spreads joy all over the world many people celebrate Christmas. Christmas is when family and friends get together.Give food and toys to the poor people that can’t celebrate Christmas.

By Reese Haynes

To me Christmas is a time to spend with my family.It also is my favorite holiday because we sing and have fun. I also like to decorate and sit by the fire. Christmas is also about spreading love and joy to those who are sad. It is also about donating stuff to those who need it. That is what Christmas means to me.

By: Sophia Garcia-Ojeda

On Christmas I like to open my presents from Santa. And eat cookies with my family. And be happy for the stuff I have!

By Marlie Myers

It is Jesus’ birthday! It is the time for family to come together.It is the time to play with friends and family. Santa comes and gives you gifts. You give to the poor. You have joy in your heart.This is what Christmas means to me.

By Addison.E

I like Christmas because I get presents. I also like Christmas because it Jesus’ birthday and I get to sing carols to people.

I like Christmas because my family puts up

my tree and decorates it.Christmas is my favorite holiday.

By: Malin Martin

To me Christmas is a good time to spend time with family and it is also Jesus’ birthday. People make their houses pretty with lights but not everybody does. Most kids write a Christmas list for what they want and they usually get what they want.

By.Corbin Bradsher

What Christmas means to me is a time to love people and spend time with your family.Christmas also means presents!! Sometimes it also means life.We give people stuff that we don’t want or need anymore to those less fortunate.

By: Abigail Lange

I love Christmas because it is Jesus’ Birthday.I get to spend time with my family and drinking hot chocolate.I love putting up decorations with my Mom and Dad.Those are some things I do at Christmas.

By Ella Campbell

What Christmas means to me is Jesus Christ, family, decorating, celebrating, and presents.What Christmas means to me is it is a time for family. Christmas is a time where family comes together and loves one another. These are some things that I reflect on when thinking about what Christmas means to me.

Connor Long

Christmas can mean different things to different people. But to me these reasons are the most important to me. First reason is it’s Jesus’ birthday! That is the most important because he’s God’s son. Second reason is it’s a time to be with your family and friends.That is what Christmas is for. Last reason is you get lots of presents and have fun with your family! It’s fun to get presents! These reasons are the most important reasons for what Christmas means to me.

By Brooke Gibbs

To me Christmas is all about spending time with you family. It is a peaceful time to decorate your house and Christmas tree surrounded by those you love.You get to open presents and see what you get from Santa and your parents as well.These are a few things that mean the most to me on Christmas.

By:Brelyn Hutchens

I think that Christmas is about celebrating Jesus’ birthday and spending time with family. I really enjoy hanging ornaments on the tree every year. I also like playing in the snow and wrapping and opening presents. My favorite part about Christmas is going to get the Christmas tree.Christmas is about being thankful too. I really enjoy Christmas because it is a time of love and joy. I really love Christmas!

By: Delilah Staley

To me Christmas is a time to remember what the real meaning of Christmas is. It’s also Jesus’ birthday. People also decorate their house. Some people leave out cookies for Santa Claus and Santa goes down your chimney and leaves you gifts. Christmas is a time to get together with family and a time to be kind to others.That’s what Christmas means to me.

by Isaiah Hill

To me Christmas is about being thankful.I am thankful for Christmas because people get to come together as a family and bake cookies for Santa.I am thankful for family because I get to sit beside the fireplace with my Mom, Dad, Nana, Papa all together. I am also thankful for snow because if it snows my friends and I will go sledding down a hill. I am thankful for no stress on Christmas because you are surrounded by the one you love and wait for Santa to come down the chimney. That is what I am most thankful for during Christmas.

By Kyleigh Steelman

Christmas means a lot of things. But to me it means Jesus’ birthday. But to a lot of people Jesus’ birthday doesn’t matter.But a lot of other people think presents mean more than Jesus’ birthday.I feel bad for those who think that.

By: Stephanie Gresham

Christmas means different things to different people. But to me Christmas is about Jesus’ birthday because Jesus was born on Christmas and that is one reason we celebrate. Another thing is Operation Christmas Child. Operation Christmas Child is when we pack shoe boxes with a toy, soap, socks, erasers, and some other stuff. We give them to people who don’t have a Christmas.What does Christmas mean to you?

By:Bailey Poindexter

To me Christmas means to celebrate Christ’s birthday. And for the joy to love your family. Christmas is the time of the year to be nice to your family.And to help your friends. Christmas is a time to focus on Jesus.

By: Jackson Martin

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