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5 Reasons to Invest in Amish-Made Furniture

We’ve all been there: sitting on the floor, hours deep into assembling an “easy” piece of flat-pack furniture from the big box store. Even after completing more than 30 distinct steps and using dozens of tiny screws that are impossible to tell apart, the piece wobbles and the drawers don’t close properly.

Why, we ask, don’t they make furniture like they used to?

As it turns out, they still do – if you know where to look. Many Amish communities in the United States continue the tradition of building high-quality furniture by hand, and there’s a source for that kind of craftsmanship right here in Yadkin County.

We spoke with Marvin Miller, who owns Home Acres Fine Furniture in Hamptonville. Miller understands the value of fine furniture, and was happy to share 5 reasons why investing in Amish-made furniture makes sense:

1. It’s made from high quality materials. “Our store only sells pieces made from high quality hardwood,” Miller says. “There’s no particle board.” Solid wood pieces are sturdier and more durable. And their grain and color are real representations of the wood, instead of fake veneer that’s pasted onto flimsy particle board.

2. You can mix and match different sets. “All of our pieces complement one another,” says Miller. “You can combine different table tops, chairs or other pieces to customize your furniture set.” Rather than standing out in a room, pieces of Amish-made furniture harmonize with one another so that your home comes together for a cohesive and stylish look.

3. It’s all hand-made in the United States. Most furniture these days is mass produced in a factory halfway around the world and shipped overseas to the U.S. Amish-made furnishings, on the other hand, are built one at a time, Miller explains. The pieces sold at Home Acres are assembled by Amish furniture artisans in Ohio.

4. Your family will enjoy it for generations. Think of the sturdy, solid-wood antique furniture pieces that still continue to be used today. Amish-made furniture is made of the same materials and using the same techniques, so it can last just as long. Your children or grandchildren can one day enjoy the same elegance and fine craftsmanship that you enjoy today. “Nothing improves your home like the beauty of finely-crafted Amish furniture,” Miller says.

5. You can get it customized to your taste. Miller knows his suppliers personally, and talks to them constantly. Because of this, he’s able to custom-order pieces as needed. “You can get customized furniture and mattresses,” he says, which he points out is something that can’t be done at a big box store.

If you’re interested in seeing for yourself what makes Amish-made furniture different from other furnishings, visit Home Acres Fine Furniture to see for yourself. They offer a full line of indoor furnishings for every room of the house, as well as outdoor furniture mattresses.

The Home Acres showroom is located at 6224 Windsor Road in Hamptonville. You can also give them a call at (336) 468-1744 or visit them online at HomeAcresFineFurniture.com.

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