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Get Smart about Smart Homes: How Home Automation Can Work for You

While you’ve heard of smartphones and smart TVs, the intelligence of our electronics is expanding and now includes smart homes. Home automation isn’t the basis for a sci-fi movie, but is real, accessible and completely flexible to your own interests.

Just think about how many appliances and gadgets you have in your house — from the coffeepot and thermostat to the television and security system, we’re surrounded by electronics. And all of these have the ability to be connected to one single hub that you can manage, thus making your house a smart home. This can save you time, money and make your life so much easier.

Connecting at Your Level

The level of home automation can be basic — holiday lighting or lamps on timers that you can control from your laptop. Or more complex — with motion sensors detecting your arrival and flipping on the lights. This can be monitored and controlled from any device, allowing you to update, alter and communicate your needs with a voice command or press of a button.

“Let’s say you want to control access to your home. Automated door locks are installed. The door lock can be set on a schedule so it is open at certain times, maybe when kids get home from school. It can also be controlled remotely; a repairman is coming, the door can be unlocked when they arrive so user does not have to be home. You can also add a camera over the door so identity verification can be made,” explains Kyle Martin, Sales & Product Manager for Yadtel Telecom.

Plugged-In Possibilities

The first step to getting the smart home of your dreams is installing a hub featuring a customizable user interface. You create rules for certain devices to provide alerts or initiate an action from another device and set these for certain times of the day. There are options to set different schedules for when you’re home, away at work, on vacation. Here are a few common options:

Security and safety: automated door locks, lights, doorbells, motion sensors, smoke detectors and video cameras.

Light and temperature: thermostats, windows, window blinds, window shades and hot water heaters.

Cleaning and convenience: vacuum, lawn mower, sprinklers, television, speakers, pet feeders, clocks and coffee makers.

In a smart home, you can have the coffee pot brewing coffee the second your feet hit the floor, customize the water temperature of your shower, program the dishwasher, laundry and vacuum to start running after you’ve left the house and much more. It’s an enticing prospect and one that is totally attainable.

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