State bill could aid Yadkin hospital

The NC Senate has passed an amendment to the law which will benefit the Yadkin Valley Community Hospital in Yadkin County as it allows the county to continue expeditious negotiations with any other possible hospital providers if they have had a previous request for proposals which did not work out.

This effort was led by Senator Joyce Krawiec, who represents Yadkin and Forsyth counties in the NC General Assembly. The measure now goes to the NC House where Representative Lee Zachary of Yadkin will lead the efforts to pass the bill in that chamber.

Kevin Austin, chairman of the Yadkin County Board of Commissioners, said, “This is an excellent change in the law that will benefit all rural counties who have difficulty in maintaining their hospitals and healthcare facilities. We sincerely appreciate the tremendous efforts that Senator Krawiec and the NC Department of Health and Human Services has put forth in behalf of our county and all rural areas of our State. We are expecting to receive the reports of our hospital consultants in the next couple of weeks concerning their study of the financial and physical needs of our hospital facility, and this new law will enable the County to move forward toward a final resolution of our healthcare needs.”

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