Yadkin Heritage book deadline is Oct. 31

The final deadline to submit articles and photographs for the third volume of The Heritage of Yadkin County, North Carolina, is Oct. 31, according to Andrew L. Mackie, chair of the book committee.

“It’s time to wrap up the articles,” Mackie said, “if we expect the book to be published in time for delivery next summer.”

Mackie said the book committee is pleased with the county’s response to date. He thanked every contributor for submitting an article or photograph. As a result, the book will contain more than 350 articles about family households, military veterans, law enforcement, churches, schools, businesses and farms, and volunteer organizations. The book committee has begun proofreading the articles and photographs, but needs more volunteers to finish the job before the end of the year, when the book will be mailed to the publisher.

Mackie said that the deadline for advanced publication orders of the book will also end on Oct. 31. The cost of the book is now $58.71, with tax. The cost will be higher on Nov. 1. Since a limited number of books will be published, the best way to reserve a copy is to buy one now. “Do not wait until the books arrive,” Mackie said.

Articles and photographs can be submitted and book orders can be made at the Tulbert House, 216 N. Van Buren St. (behind Wells Fargo Bank), Yadkinville, on Thursdays, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., mailing a check to the Yadkin County Historical Society, P.O. Box 1250, Yadkinville, NC 27055, calling 336-679-2702 or emailing yadkincountyhistoricalsociety@yahoo.com.

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