Former hospital operators file counter lawsuit against Yadkin County

According to a statement released by Yadkin County, former Yadkin Valley Community Hospital operator and its associated corporate entities have filed an answer and counterclaim to the lawsuit brought against them by Yadkin County in May of this year.

The federal court in the Eastern District of North Carolina found these defendants to be in contempt of court in a June 16 hearing and further found that their live testimony in court that day was not credible.

The release from the county states that, “much of these new court filings by these same defendants continue to spread the vengeful and untrue venom they have spread since their wrongful closure of the hospital. The statements in these latest court filings are beyond the realm of comprehension, and they have absolutely no basis in fact. The fact that they continue to argue in these documents that they were evicted from the hospital is absolute proof that these are desperate people who will say and do anything in hope that someone will believe as least some of what they say. The good folks of Yadkin County know the truth about these people, and everyone who have kept up with this sad saga of violations of medical ethics will see this new information from Kansas City for what it is – medical provider people who know they have been found out for what they really are and are ready to blame everyone but themselves.”

County Manager Lisa Hughes said, “The county did not act deceitfully nor unlawfully at any time. At no time has anyone acted inappropriately, and there has been no conspiracy of any nature whatsoever by anyone. County Chairman Kevin Austin has been forthright in all his actions concerning this and all other county matters, and we look forward to the opportunity to spell out the true facts in this case.”

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