Society to publish new history book

Andrew Mackie, left, and Daniel Dorn have an impromptu meeting on the porch of the Tulbert House as they work on a new publication on the heritage of Yadkin County.

Joe Wooten, left, and Andrew Mackie, members of the Yadkin County Historical Society, are hard at work on a new book showcasing the heritage of the county.

What began as a plan to recognize the anniversary of the Yadkin County Heritage Book became a goal of publishing a new book.

Local historian Andrew Mackie said when members of the Yadkin County Historical Society met last summer to discuss recognition of the first heritage book, the discussion quickly became one of publishing a new version of the book. Around 200 people agreed to help with the book by submitting articles and photos for publication.

“The purpose of the book is to celebrate the heritage of Yadkin County,” Mackie explained. “It’s not a strict history book, as such, a lot of the information is based on family tradition not necessarily on documented sources which allows us the freedom to tell stories.”

Volunteers have been meeting for about 10 months now to work on the book. The deadline for article and photo submissions for publication was recently extended to July 31 and Mackie said the group welcomed anyone with family stories of Yadkin County to contribute to the book.

“The idea is together, our bread and butter, are 500-word family household stories that talk about a father and a mother and mention the children, because every time a child gets married you’ve got another story there. We’ve got a special emphasis on veterans, too,” Mackie said.

Articles on veterans should be 100-words in length with details of military service and a photo.

“We have 500 or more families that have already submitted articles for the two previous books and it’s important that we keep submitting new information that’s coming out, pictures of the home place, stories of these folks who have made our heritage strong in Yadkin County.”

Past heritage books on the county are available for purchase through the Yadkin County Historical Society and also at the Yadkin County Public Library.

“The first book was done in 1982, Hunter Publishing was our publisher, Francis Casstevens was our editor in chief,” Mackie said. “We published 2,000 copies on the first run, sold out and in 1991 published another 1,000 copies. It’s our bestseller, you might say.”

A second edition was published with new and updated information in 2001 and two members of the committee also came together to do a separate book on the heritage of the African American population in the county.

“It’s the first book of its kind published in the state of North Carolina and it was devoted specifically to the heritage of people of color in this county,” Mackie said. “Even though those folks only make up about five to eight percent of the county, their heritage is strong and they lived through the same periods of history we have.”

Mackie said the hope is that the new book will be completed by the summer of 2016. He had high praise for the publishing company the group is working with and all of the volunteers who are helping with the book.

Daniel Dorn, a student at the Yadkin Early College, is one of the youngest members of the historical society. Mackie said he is proud to see some of the younger generation getting involved in preserving the heritage of the county. Dorn became involved with the society after meeting Mackie who conducted a survey of an abandoned cemetery on the property where Dorn lives. Dorn will be writing an article for the new book on the cemetery. More recent history also will be in the book, thanks to contributors like Dorn.

“I’m thinking about writing [an article] for the Early College and our movie club,” Dorn said.

“When we look back at history we want to see how things connect, to me that is the coolest part,” Dorn added.

For information on submitting articles or historic photos for the new Yadkin County Heritage book, email Historical society members are available every Thursday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Tulbert House, located at 216 N. Van Buren St. in Yadkinville. The group also meets every fourth Tuesday at the Senior Center in Yadkinville. Mackie said members of the society are also willing to speak to church or civic groups to help them with article submissions.

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