Citizens share concerns at Jonesville meeting

By Kitsey Burns Harrison -

During the public comment portion of Monday’s meeting of the Jonesville Town Council, resident Bridget Henderson spoke briefly about concerns regarding leash laws in the town. She said the ordinance is not very specific and she was worried specifically about some dogs near her home which appear to remain chained up all the time.

“We have, in our neighborhood, large dogs, such as pit bulls, that are chained with heavy chains that are chained to trees 24/7 on short chains that I think needs to be addressed,” Henderson said. “To me that’s cruel to any dog and I would like to see the board address that. The town ordinance is not terribly specific, but it does mention causing pain and torture to animals and as far as I’m concerned, it falls into that category.”

During the commissioner comments at the end of the meeting, Commissioner Andy Green asked Town Manager Scott Buffkin to look into the dog leash ordinance to see if improvements could be made.

Police Chief Roger Reece also addressed Henderson’s concern and said he would check out the specific address. Reece said Jonesville officers do keep a check on animals in the town and will discuss potential animal cruelty issues with pet owners and file charges if applicable.

Commissioner Wayne Moore was nominated and elected to resume his position as a representative on the Transportation Advisory Committee of the Piedmont Triad Regional Council.

The town council discussed a request from a citizen on Stadium Drive for no parking signs to be put up along the road. The citizen said visitors to the park, especially during football games or other events, would park along the road in front of private residences. A request also was made that the Lila Swaim park gates be closed at night to keep unwanted visitors from wandering the park late at night.

Reece said the gates being closed restricted law enforcement from traveling through the park on patrols in the evenings. He suggested if there were disturbances in the park late at night, citizens should call 911 and law enforcement could investigate the problem.

As for the parking concerns, the council voted to restrict parking on Stadium Drive to the park side only and not allow parking in front of the private homes along the road.

The council also approved an upset bid process to sell a small portion of land on the eastern site of the town hall property. The property owners of the adjacent property are planning to subdivide their property for commercial use and had requested a right of way access across the small piece of land which the town owns. The council voted to sell the land to the requesting property owners.

A resolution to sell a surplus vehicle also was approved during the meeting.

During the discussion portion of the meeting, Commissioner Judy Wolfe made a number of suggestions she would like to see happen in the town in the future including a Christmas light show, a splash pad at Lila Swaim Park, a corn maze next to the town hall and a town newsletter to be distributed by email, and print for those without email. There was no additional discussion on these items.

There were no updates given during the meeting in regard to the status of the Jonesville library other than the committee has met once and was planning a second meeting to discuss options for the library. Buffkin said they hoped to present some options to the board at the February meeting. The library is back to is regular business hours at its temporary location on Winston Road next to the Hugh Chatham Urgent Care.

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By Kitsey Burns Harrison

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