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The Yadkin Valley Community Hospital | File photo

The Yadkin County Board of Commissioners approved sending a letter to the NC Department of Health and Human Services at its regular meeting on Monday night requesting that the Yadkin County Hospital be deemed a Legacy Medical Care Facility in accordance with North Carolina General Statute 131E-176 (14f).

Chairman Kevin Austin stated, “This is another in a series of positive steps the county has taken to re-open the hospital. The State has been gracious to work with us and hold the license until we can find another operator for the hospital, and this new legislation gives the county additional assistance in finding a new medical provider for our county. Our staff has been very diligent in the past few months in working with the medical community throughout North Carolina on the best and most efficient ways to restore medical care for our citizens, and we are very hopeful that we may be able to make some decisions in the not too distant future on the best solutions that are available. While the statute and designation of a Legacy Medical Care Facility allows 36 months to re-open the hospital, we expect to have an excellent medical service provider in the facility in far less time than that.”

The Legislation Chairman Austin references is a change that came out of the North Carolina General Assembly late in the session last year that created a designation of Legacy Medical Care Facility for hospitals that operated within the last 24 months, but had not been operational within the last six months. The revised statute exempts Legacy Medical Care Facilities from certificate of need review and provides them 36 months to re-open the facility.

Furthermore, the statute requires a letter be submitted to the State requesting the designation, which is what Yadkin County is doing now. Yadkin County received possession of the hospital facility in mid-July, 2015 as a result of a Court Order issued by Judge Terrence Boyle of the United States District Court in the Eastern District of North Carolina.

The Yadkin Valley Community Hospital | File photo Yadkin Valley Community Hospital | File photo

Staff Report

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