Yadkin County Farm Bureau passes resolution urging citizens to vote yes for the Connect NC Bond

Yadkin County Farm Bureau passed a resolution on Feb. 1 that urges all North Carolinians to vote yes for the $2 billion Connect NC Bond referendum during the March 15 primary election. The resolution supports the bond’s investments in agriculture, community colleges, higher education, the National Guard, state parks and local water and sewer projects.

“The Connect NC Bond is vital for the future of our state’s largest industry, agriculture and for the state as a whole. I am pleased that our Yadkin County Farm Bureau Board of Directors saw the importance of this bond package and approved a resolution of support. We will now begin the work of educating the general public on the broad benefits the bond has for our state and the work of advocating for the passage of the Connect NC Bond during the primary vote on March 15th,” said Yadkin County Farm Bureau President Justin Somers.

The Farm Bureau resolution cites the need to expand and repair infrastructure and invest in agricultural initiatives that will help feed and clothe a rapidly growing population as a major reason for supporting the bond. Additionally, the resolution points out that the state’s higher education system of universities and community colleges is a primary driver of job creation.

The Connect NC Bond is a $2 billion proposal with $1.3 billion dedicated to capital construction, repair, and renovation of colleges, universities and community colleges; $180 million will be invested in North Carolina’s number one industry–agriculture, which contributes $78 billion to the State’s economy and supports 17 percent of the State’s workforce; $400 million for our state parks, state zoo and local water/sewer projects and more than $70 million for new National Guard Readiness Centers.

According to the office of the State Budget and Management, the bonds will not require a tax increase and will protect the state’s AAA bond rating. North Carolina has seen its population increase by more than 2 million people since 2000 and this is the first statewide bond referendum voters have faced to address the state’s rapid growth.

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