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Myra Cox

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Yadkinville Rotary members gather to celebrate Women in Rotary.

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The Yadkinville Rotary Club hosted a special Women in Rotary event on March 22 with special guest speaker and club member Myra Cox. Cox is the assistant superintendent of Yadkin County Schools.

During her presentation entitled “That’s All It Took,” Cox talked about her journey in education. She began her presentation with a picture of herself when she was 6-years old and wearing a dress that her mother made for her. Cox said she fell in love with school at an early age becoming an excellent reader and knowing at an early age that she wanted to be a teacher.

In fact, at night when most parents were reading to their children, Cox would read to her dad, tuck in him and put herself to bed. She showed the club many books she had at an early age. Books that she had given herself a grade in and a check mark for good work. It was obvious that Cox’s dream was to be a teacher. Her mother bought her a School Years book to keep notes, pictures, report cards in.

As part of her presentation, she showed the group many things that were in the book and her report cards through the ninth grade. In the second grade, Cox’s goals were the gym and playground, the third grade was multiplication, division and handwriting. Cox talked about her fifth-grade teacher Ms. Janet Head and how she was her favorite teacher who inspired her daily and that year she had perfect attendance to school. During the 10th grade her interest changed and her grades began to slip. She laughed and stated that’s probably why there was no report cards saved past the ninth grade. As with most high school students, the social life, friends and relationships begin to happen.

Cox changed her direction of being a teacher and attended Surry Community College receiving a degree in business administration and started working for Pine State in the insurance department. After two years of employment she went back to school at Winston-Salem State to purse her life-long dream of being a teacher.

Cox turned in a reading assignment and received a call from her professor. The professor told Cox she expected better from her, that she was capable of much better work. From that day forward Cox stated she gave 110 percent. Upon graduation she started teaching for the Stokes County School System. She has worked as an assistant principal at Nancy Reynolds and Dobson Elementary. Cox was appointed the principal at Pinnacle Elementary and then to a position managing the curriculum for Stokes County. She entered the doctoral program at High Point University. Cox stated she might consider a superintendent position in the future.

She closed with reading a portion of a publication that she authored while in the Superintendent Fellows Program entitled “I will teach.”

“As she read to us, much of her life story was recapped. Our club could not have made a better choice in a speaker for our Women in Rotary Day,” said President Elect Matt Winnicki.

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Yadkinville Rotary members gather to celebrate Women in Rotary. Rotary members gather to celebrate Women in Rotary. Submitted photo
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