Krawiec addresses Jonesville town council

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JONESVILLE — A special reception was held for State Sen. Joyce Krawiec prior to the meeting of the Jonesville Town Council on Monday night. Krawiec also addressed the board, giving updates from the last legislative session and news on upcoming items for the short session.

A public hearing was held in regard to a change in zoning ordinance law. During last year’s session, the NC General Assembly changed the statute regarding zoning. Previously, a percentage of residents living in close proximity to a property to be rezoned could submit a protest petition which would trigger the requirement of a three-fourths super majority of the town council members to vote in favor of the amendment or rezoning in order for it to become effective. Under the new statute, any resident or property owner may now submit written comments to the town clerk who will forward those comments to the council. A simple majority vote of the council will be all that is required to approve the amendment.

At last month’s meeting, a vote on a resolution in opposition to the non-discrimination ordinance enacted by Charlotte was tabled. On Monday, the board voted against that resolution.

On her public Facebook page Helping Jonesville Grow, Commissioner Judy Wolfe said, “My vote not to support a Jonesville resolution against the Charlotte initiative was made because the state had already over-ridden the Charlotte initiative by passing HB2 on March 23, 2016. In my opinion, it is not the role of local boards to affirm state laws or to rail against other towns by passing resolutions. Such an opinion should not be construed as a political statement. Rather, it is a statement to literally ‘mind the business of the people of Jonesville’ within the context of town, state and federal laws.”

At Monday’s meeting, Debra Clark and Gene Pardue were reappointed to serve three-year terms on the Tourism Development Authority Board.

Police Chief Roger Reece also requested a public hearing be set for next month’s meeting on May 9 in regard to the zoning ordinance for tattoo or piercing parlors. The existing zoning allows for such businesses in districts zoned for business. Zoning ordinances in some other towns include more specific zoning requirements for tattoo and piercing parlors involving how close they can be to schools or churches.

Staff Report

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