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By Troy Brooks -

Yadkin County Manager Lisa Hughes discusses her thoughts on adding chair rails to the banquet room.

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The Yadkin County Board of Commissioners held its latest meeting Monday morning to discuss several board actions and contracts for future projects. These projects included making repairs to the Yadkin Courthouse, setting up chair rails in the banquet room in the new Agriculture and Education building, and putting down concrete outside the new building.

A motion was made to transfer $3,200 from the Department of Social Services (DSS) to the Animal Shelter for buildings and grounds to help with the building of a smart shed.

“Right now they have supplies and food stored outside underneath a metal carport so we need to get it enclosed,” said County Manager Lisa Hughes. “This money will be used to build a 10-foot by 16-foot smart shed to help better protect those resources.”

Money also was moved around in DSS for vehicle maintenance and equipment. The DSS has an aging fleet of vehicles and the money will be used to pay for maintenance and tires to keep them on the road, Hughes explained.

A contract amendment with Thomas H. Hughes Architecture for the Yadkin County Agricultural and Educational Building was brought to light to pay Thomas Hughes for the extra time devoted to the construction of the new Agriculture and Education building, which opened earlier this month. The contract amendment would give Thomas Hughes $10,000 for two additional months of work.

“In the original contract signed way back in January of 2014, which was prior to us having our project ordinance in place, there is a statement in there that states how long the project will last. In article 3.3.4, if the services covered by this agreement have not been completed within 23 months of the date of this agreement, the extension of the architect services beyond that time should be compensated as additional services not to succeed $5,000 per month,” said Lisa Hughes. “We went beyond that 23 months by about five and a half months. Thomas sent us a letter requesting that we increase the contract amount by only two months rather than the five and a half extra months he worked. The funding is there within the project ordinance.”

Part of the delays for the project came from weather during the winter months.

“The weather was a huge factor and that’s something to keep in mind going forward,” said the county manager. “If we’re going to start a project in December, we need to make sure the contractor is aware we’ve added on additional time to the length of the contract. It’s not so bad once you’re under the roof, but when you’re doing the grading and the clearing in December, January, and February, you’re really at the weather’s mercy.”

Chairman Kevin Austin complemented Thomas Hughes on the work done to the new Agriculture and Education building.

“Thomas Hughes and his crew has done a great job for us,” said Austin. “And there were changes caused by others during the process and they worked with us on them. With the weather on top of that, they’ve done a great job.”

A federal lease for space to be leased to the United State Department of Agriculture in the Yadkin County Agricultural and Education Building was discussed. The lease would basically renew the old lease with the department as they move their offices over into the new building.

In addition, $56,585.25 were discussed for painting and repairs to be done to the courthouse through a contract with Paint & Coatings Limited.

“If you walk in the front of the courthouse, you’ll notice that some of the dry wall of the ceiling is falling down,” said Lisa Hughes. “This project will repair that dry wall and paint the brick and the entire aspect of the courthouse. We’ll have to finalize the color, but we’re looking into the gray family, possibly talking about having a charcoal and two to three different colors in the paint. Right now it looks like three different colors unintentionally.”

The project will begin with the ceiling work while the court is not in session. The board believes this will be an inexpensive way to make the courthouse look better without having to build a new courthouse which the board doesn’t believe they’re ready for yet.

“I feel like this is a decision that’s been put off for a long time and it’s probably about time to go ahead and change that color once and for all. It hasn’t come back into fashion,” said Austin.

The funding for it will come from money appropriated to transfer to capital projects. The project will take about three weeks, but Hughes hopes it can be completed before the end of June.

The last item underneath board action was to approve a lease agreement with Dr. Lori Petree for a dental office space at 624 W. Main St. in Yadkinville. It’s been several years since the old dentist office closed down, and Petree wants to move in on July 1 with her own equipment. Her monthly rent will be $1,296 and will not include utilities, internet, and phone. The lease will last for three years.

Two change orders for New Atlantic have been requested by Hughes. The first item was to install chair rails around the room in the banquet room in the new Agriculture and Education building. The new banquet room is on the second floor of the building and can hold up to 300 people. The change order is in an amount for $4,960. Adequate funds are available in the contingency within the contract to cover that expense.

“The conference room across the hallway from the banquet room has the chair rails and paint and I think it just really looks nice in that room,” said Hughes. “I think that change will make the banquet room pop.”

The other change order was proposed for a plan to put concrete down at the new Agriculture and Education building. The board looked into using stamped concrete, but the costs would be three times as much as using straight concrete. The board also discussed getting quotes from different contractors for price comparisons.

“We were just thinking that if people wanted a place to go stand and wait if somebody was picking them up they would have a place to go,” said Hughes.

County Clerk Tanya Gentry reported on vacancies for the Joint Nursing Home and Adult Care Home Community Advisory Committee, the reappointments for the Yadkin County Planning Board and an appointment to the Aging Planning Committee. For the planning board, they voted to reappoint three people — Jerry Hutchens, Teresa Swain and Steve Brown. Their terms will end on May 2019. Curtis Wall was appointed to the Aging Planning Committee.

A special meeting for a public hearing on the fiscal year 2016-17 budget and a public hearing for the Economic Development Fund Appropriation for 2016-17 will take place on Thursday at 7 p.m. The next commissioners meeting will be on July 5 at 9 a.m.

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Yadkin County Manager Lisa Hughes discusses her thoughts on adding chair rails to the banquet room. County Manager Lisa Hughes discusses her thoughts on adding chair rails to the banquet room. Troy Brooks | The Tribune

By Troy Brooks

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