Stone Mountain holds 47th Old Fashion Day

By Troy Brooks -

ROARING GAP — Stone Mountain State Park is celebrating its 47th Old Fashion Day in conjunction with the 100th anniversary of the The National Park System on Sept. 10. All of the National Parks in the country are celebrating the 100th anniversary throughout the fall season.

The festivities will be celebrating and promoting the park’s local heritage and will give guests a chance to enjoy the traditions and cultures of yesterday.

The celebration will last from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and will be starting in the park’s main picnic area.

“This is our hundredth anniversary,” said Wilma Shew, office assistant at Stone Mountain State Park. “Every park is holding something to celebrate the 100-year anniversary. We hold Old Fashion Day to help people get to know the area and its culture and history. We also let the Boy Scouts come and do the cooking and run the fundraiser, and they get to keep the money from that.”

The celebration will host arts and crafts from around the area, including antique firearms, artwork, food, and many old traditions on display including quilting, looming, knife making, basket weaving, and blacksmithing along with demonstrations of how people lived back in the 1800s.

An old model T and a 1960 Indian motorcycle will be on display.

Activities, including early American games for the kids, will be held through the day. Bluegrass music will be playing throughout the afternoon with clogging. A birthday cake will help celebrate the 100th anniversary of the National Park System.

Participants are encouraged to car pool as much as possible. Pets will not allowed in the event area.

“I like to see the displays and stuff of all the crafts people, people quilting,” said Shew. “We have a lady who makes dolls out of corn shucks. I like the crowd where everybody is having a good time along with the music and the food. We’re also having it a bit earlier than we normally. Usually we have it in the second weekend of Oct.”

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By Troy Brooks –

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