Driver’s ed funding in question

Students eligible to take driver’s education this summer will still be able to through Yadkin County Schools, said Superintendent Dr. Todd Martin.

“At this point we have enough driver’s education funds left over to carry us through the summer,” Martin said. “We knew that there would be funding issues at the state level, so our finance officer has worked diligently to ensure that we had enough funds set aside so that we could offer classes and drive with students over the summer.”

A recent provision added to the state budget by the Senate would eliminate state funding for school districts which provide driver’s education courses for students. The House and Governor Pat McCrory will have to approve the change before it becomes law.

“I am hopeful that the General Assembly will work out a compromise in which driver’s education programs will be funded,” Martin said. “Right now a continuing resolution has been passed by the General Assembly that will stay in effect until Aug. 14. This resolution allows us to operate basically using funding levels that we had in the previous year’s budget. However, it did not allow for the continuation of funding for driver’s ed, thereby causing us to have to dip into the funds that had been set aside. Hopefully, we will have a state budget by Aug. 14 prior to students returning to school and will know the fate of state funded driver’s ed programs.”

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