Yadkin Cattlemen will meet in November

Yadkin County Beef Producers will be meeting Nov. 17 at Mountain View Baptist Church at 6:30 p.m. The educational program will be centered on Winter Nutrition for Cattle.

“We all know beef prices have been high the last couple of years but have started to back pedal some now,” said Livestock Agent Phil Rucker. “Winter feed costs are the biggest expense most cattle producers have as we ask our cows to nurse a calf, breed back and maintain body condition. Throw in the cold winter conditions and you really need to provide as much nutrition punch as possible. You can’t starve a profit into your cattle herd so be prepared to supply adequate nutrition without breaking the budget.

“We will have an industry representative on hand to help you understand the nutritional needs of cattle at various production stages and what you need to do to meet those needs. Many times hay and a protein tub will not provide adequate nutrition. Come learn to evaluate your feeding plan and how to plug any nutritional holes as cost effectively as you can. There are many different ways to fill the nutritional gaps that hay will not meet. Come and see what best fits your operation.

“We will also be discussing potential educational programs and events coming up in the near future. We want your ideas of programs that would be of interest and benefit local cattle producers. Please come with ideas of workshops and educational opportunities for the group.”

Reservations are required to attend the meeting, call the Extension Office at 679-2061, or email phil_rucker@ncsu.edu by noon Friday. All are welcome to attend the presentations, but to participate in the meal, call before the deadline.

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