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Franklin Daniel Boone Harding was the last North Carolina state senator to represent Yadkin County and actually live here, according to a press release from Dempsey Brewer. Brewer, an East Bend resident, has filed as a candidate in the 31st district Republican primary with intentions to become Yadkin County’s first state senator since Harding, who was elected to the senate in 1964.

Brewer believes a senator should represent all within their district, rural or urban, regardless of their political influence or social standing, states his press release.

“There is evidence otherwise,” Brewer stated. “The Sales Tax Fairness Act was introduced to distribute sales tax revenue based more to help the taxpayer who pays the bills rather than the governments where the tax is collected. Over time changes were made that took money, paid by rural taxpayers, and depositing the proceeds more and more to the urban counties of NC.

“Our current senator was quoted by the WS Journal, ‘The intent is to be fairer to rural counties, and that she will do all she can to make certain that Forsyth County does not lose revenue.’ The bill would’ve partially returned NC to earlier times, thus Yadkin would likely gain and Forsyth County would likely lose some revenue, but the tax payer who paid the taxes would get a fairer stake,” added Brewer. “The bill was gutted and instead our senator voted to increase sales tax revenue, giving all county governments more sales tax money, and of course the sole loser was, as usual, the tax payer. In the new year, expect to pay increased sales taxes on many items and new sales taxes on items not previously taxed, such as vehicle maintenance and repair labor. There were obvious advantages granted to some, such as large car dealerships over local repair shops. Some small businesses can pay as much as a six‐fold increase in franchise taxes. So much for economic development! Pledges made not to raise taxes don’t seem to mean much. Taxpayers keep hearing about reduced taxes, yet many, especially fixed income, paid more last year.”

Brewer said he will represent all citizens of the 31st district, both Yadkin and Forsyth citizens fairly and not just special interest groups.

Serving is not new to Brewer as he has served as an East Bend volunteer firefighter for over 30 years, treasurer for Richmond Hill Baptist Church and the Yadkin County Baptist Association, Meals on Wheels and many other organizations.

“With the voters of the 31st District’s help and Almighty God, real change is coming,” stated Brewer.

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