Slavery Next Door: Awareness, prevention, and relief

By Elaine McCammon

Editor’s note: The identity of the author of this series of articles, the third running in this edition, has been altered for her protection. Referred to as Elaine McCammon, she is a graduate of Forbush High School, and a member of Girl Scout Troop 40772. This piece is part of her Gold Award Project, and she is majoring in social work with intent to work with victims of trafficking. This article is the third of a four-part series.

The sad truth is that no slavery would exist in North Carolina if there was not a profitable demand for it. People, primarily men, who pay for sex are feeding the industry that is exploiting vulnerable youth. As long as there is a market for sex work, human sex trafficking will exist in North Carolina. It is incredibly important for our society to establish that paying for sex should not be acceptable, not necessarily on moral grounds, but because of the consequent human rights violations.

It is crucial that anyone who interacts with youth is aware of the danger of human trafficking in our community. The sex industry is a taboo subject, and youth do not learn about it. And that only makes it much easier for traffickers to coerce the middle and high school aged girls who are most often the victims.

To contribute to the relief of victims, you may consider donating time or money to an anti-trafficking relief organization. These organizations are primarily nonprofit and volunteer run, so any contribution is helpful. Justice Ministries in Charlotte works to end trafficking by rescuing and housing victims. Below is a list of many other North Carolina organizations. Please consider reaching out to one.

NC Trafficking Relief Organizations:

Eastern NC Stop Human Trafficking in Farmville

Justice Ministries in Charlotte

NC CASA in Raleigh

NC Stop Human Trafficking

On Eagles Wings in Charlotte

PATH NC in Raleigh

Present Age Ministries in Charlotte

Restore One in Greenville

S.A.F.E. in Rocky Mount

Salvation Army Project FIGHT in Raleigh

This is not the time to ignore the horrors of modern slavery. This is not the time for political correctness. This is not the time to worry about getting reelected. This is not the time to worry about stepping on toes. This is not the time to wait. This is the time to be forceful. This is the time to rectify this ancient wrong. This is the time to change the fate of the world. This is the time to end the sex industry.

All queries should be directed to Justice Ministries, or 980-236-9313.

By Elaine McCammon

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