Letter to the Editor

To the editor,

Listen to my words Yadkin County, and listen well, for my words are strong words and my message is a strong message. This message has a strong and truthful purpose to tell the truth about the lies and slander that John Hood wrote in the Thursday March 10, 2016 issue of the Yadkin Ripple regarding Presidental (sic) Candidate Mr. Donald Trump. John Hood said that Donald Trump was a dangerous person, a bully, and gives false promises to the voters of North Carolina. That he tells lies to the voters. These statements are not true, and John Hood has made false statements without proof and this is John Hoods attempt to wrongfully manipulate the honest voters in Yadkin County and North Carolina. John Hood admits telling these wrongful lies to several important people in and around over Yadkin and North Carolina. John you should be ashamed of yourself ! You are trying to destroy the American greatness that Donald Trump is trying to create. John Hood Calls Trump a swindle and con person. This is another lie that John Hood has no proof of in any way. John Hood desperately needs to read. Donald Trump book Crippled America and he would know that Trump is very honest and sincere about saving America from the down ward path that our political structure in Washington is heading our nation for destruction and bankrupty (sic). Trump is a global marical (sic) worker all over our planet and earth and we need him to work his maricals (sic) as President of the United States. Our Politicans (sic) running today Trump can just do not know how. Trump knows how and given a chance to do so, he will save America. Hood says Trump has a shameful history. This is a plain out lie. His history is one of the great accomplishment in integrity and honesty all over. I am asking the good people of Yadkin and North Carolina to shun to unprofessioal (sic) remarks he has made about Trump and appolige (sic) to the public for his wrong doing. If we pay attention to the people like Hood, things will get worse in the kind of government that Washington is provided. The national debt of $19,000,000,000,000, is killing America fast. Trump has a plan that will bring us out of this distructive (sic) heading. Trump is a honest man and the famous words of the great man Winston Churchhill giving Trump a chance to make America great again. Maybe the greatest years and finest years maybe the greatest years ahead for America. God Bless America and the people of Yadkin County.

Kenis Carter


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