Letter to the Editor

To the editor,

A Faith and Freedom Rally was held in the Yadkinville Town Square from 11-3 on the fourth of July. Several ministers, local and out of town set forth strong messages concerning the serious trouble that our country is in by the government turning our country away from God and taking Jesus Christ out of our nation and government. About 150 were in attendance. I think this meeting was so very critical and important that every citizen in Yadkin County should have been there. The rally was organized and led by Lynn Wagoner of Hamptonville, Editor and Publisher of the Faith and Freedom Newspaper. Our country now and today is in big big trouble! For the last 50 years our government in Washington has promoted and organized payout programs too expensive for American taxpayers to pay. Our government doesn’t have any sound fanincal system or record keeping system. They have run the American taxpayers in dept up to about $18 trillion dollars. This is so large and serious that it is almost impossible to pay off. Our country is becoming unsolvent, unable to pay it’s debts. Our President and the Senate is continuing their wild spending and don’t seem to care about the serious problem it is and has become. We have a very selfish and self centered government in Washington operating without God and any Christian valves and principals taught by Jesus Christ in the Bible. Our country is headed for disaster and downfall. Many of us in America are asking can it be brought back? Can America come back to its past standard of greatness? Without God and without Jesus Christ, it is not going to happen! Our President and Congress are wondering around right now and they don’t know what to do about it own their own strength and effort. They are wondering around in the dark. Our Supreme Court is saying it is ok. To home sexual is a shame and disgrace against our people and God’s word and our constitution. We need to wake up and take a strong stand for our faith and freedom and our Christians values. We have been silent for way too long, it is time for us to stand up for the country we love and pray for God to help us save it, and bring it back under God!

Kenis Carter


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