Letter to the editor

To the editor,

What is going on in the North Carolina General Assembly about driver’s education? The N.C. Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association has no clue. One house for driver’s education and the other house against spending the money for driver’s education! It concerns me that if driver’s education is taken out of the budget, what will happen to my family and yours on our highways?

A lot of the questioning about driver’s education is based on the 25 question license test and the percent of failures. How about the student who is nervous in testing situations and fails the test two to three times or the adult who has a hard time reading and doesn’t make a good score on the 25 question test? Does this mean he or she is not going to be a good driver? At least they have had some education about driving. After 30 hours of classroom work, six hours of in-car driving and six hours of observation, students are going to learn things that a screaming parent (could that be me?) does not have the training to handle in situations with their young, inexperienced driver. Driver’s education teachers in North Carolina are trained to handle such situations and are professionals who take their job seriously.

Driver’s education funding is so important, but with insurance rates surely to rise, is it worth it to me and you? How about all those unlicensed drivers that are going to be on our state roads? To me, the only people that are going to profit from the lack of driver’s education classes are the car repair folks (some of my best friends work in car repair), the hospitals (don’t they make enough money), the funeral homes (let’s hope not) but you get the idea!

Driver’s education matters — yes it does!

David Norman

Northwest Area President of North Carolina Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association


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