Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

With all the recent tumultuous events in the news, have you ever wondered what the world is coming to? Admittedly, everything seems to be spiraling downward as fast as it can go, but we all still have a chance to impact our community’s future.

This is what has been on my mind for the last several months. As a young person myself (I am 16), I know that the world I live in will be worse off unless we can make a positive impact on the youth of today. I believe that one way to secure our youth for tomorrow is through the ministries of the Church.

That’s the reason why my Church is organizing the “Stand Up For Jesus” Youth Service, which will be held on August 1, 2015 at 6:00 P.M. at Liberty Baptist Church, 2433 Liberty Church Road, Mocksville, NC. I would like to invite all the area Churches, and especially Church youth groups, to this service.

My desire is that through this service, Church youth will be encouraged to stand up for Jesus in the upcoming school year.

Jonathan Whitaker, a 2015 graduate of Davie County Early College, and Cameron Dula will preach.

A meal will be provided after the service.

Any questions may be directed to libertybaptistmocksville@gmail.com, and you can also visit Liberty Baptist Church’s website at www.n2lbc.org to learn more.

Benjamin Phillips


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