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Staff Report

EAST BEND — The Forbush Falcons track team had an outstanding 2016 season. Results and awards for the season, as well as records broken, are as follows:

Conference Results: Girls placed 1st, while the Boys placed 2nd. 20 athletes made All Conference: Madisun Shore (400, 4 x 800, 4 x 400), Anna Kathyrn Kilby (800, 1600, 3200, and 4 x 800), Monseratt Andrade (100m hurdles, 300m hurdles), Kelly Burton (4 x 100, 4 x 200), Amayiah Broadway (4 x100, 4 x 200), Gabby Grooms (4 x 100, 4 x 200), Carlee Barfield (4 x 100, 4 x 400, Discus), Alma Pelagio (4 x 200), Abbi Satter (4 x 400), Sidney Matthews (4 x 400), Sarah Hayden (4 x 800), Sierra Winters (4 x 800), MacKenzie Fulk (High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump), Schuyler Eldridge (100m, 400m), Dakota Mendenhall (1600m), Tony Douglas (4 x 100), Samuel Marshall (4 x 100), Mark Monroe (4 x 100), Zane Johnson (Shot Put , Discus), and Austin Mendenhall (4 x 100).

At Regionals, the girls team tied for 7th and the boys team placed 5th.

All Region athletes include: Zane Johnson (shot put), Austin Mendenhall (4 x 400), Dakota Mendenhall (4 x 400, 1600m), Schuyler Eldridge (400m, 4 x 400), Jairo Hernandez (4 x 400), Sierra Winters (4 x 800), Sarah Hadyen (4 x 800), Madisun Shore (4 x 800), and AK Kilby (4 x 800, 3200m). Other qualifiers include: Carlee Barfield (4 x 400, Discus), MacKenzie Fulk (HJ, TJ), Monseratt Andrade (100m hurdles, 300m hurdles) Abbi Satter (HJ, 4 x 400), and Sidney Matthews (Pole Vault, 4 x 400).

At States, the Falcons had several athletes place, the Boys team tied for 19th and the girls team placed 30th: The girls 4 x 800 placed 8th with athletes AK Kilby, Sierra Winters, Sarah Hayden, and Madisun Shore. Dakota Mendenhall (1600m) placed 3rd, Schuyler Eldridge (400m) placed 8th, Anna Kathyrn Kilby (3200m) placed 5th, Sierra Winters (3200m) placed 13th, Zane Johnson (Discus placed 5th and Shot Put placed 9th, 4 x 400 boys Schuyler Eldridge, Jario Hernadez, Dakota Mendenhall, Austin Mendenhall (DNS)

The Falcons als had several records broken this season: Dakota Mendenhall broke the 1600 record, Zane Johnson broke the Discus record, the Boys 4 x 400 (Dakota Mendenhall, Austin Mendenhall, Jairo Hendendez, Schuyler Eldridge) broke a record, Anna Kathyrn Kilby broke the 3200m record, Madisun Shore broke the 800m record, and the Ladies 4 x 800 ( AK Kilby, Sierra Winters, Sarah Hayden, Madisun Shore) broke a record.

Staff Report

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