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By Kristian Russell -

Starmount opens up its 2016 season with a four-game away streak on Aug. 15.

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The 2016 soccer schedules for Forbush, Starmount, Elkin, and East Wilkes was released last week.


Forbush kicks off its season with a home game against North Iredell on Aug. 16. Last season the Falcons went 21-3-2 overall, with a 11-0-2 home record and a 10-3 away record. Forbush made it to the second round of the NCHSAA playoffs before falling to Newton Conover.

On the conference side, the Falcons went 7-1 and tied for first with Surry Central. Forbush scored 21 goals in the conference, and allowed only 3. In non-conference play, Forbush scored 92 goals and allowed only 16. The full schedule is listed below with home games in bold.

August 16: North Iredell at Forbush

August 22: Forbush @ East Surry

August 24: Davie at Forbush

August 29: Walkertown at Forbush

August 31: Watauga at Forbush

September 7: Wilkes Central at Forbush

September 12: Mount Airy at Forbush

September 15: Forbush @ West Forsyth

September 19: Forbush @ Walkertown

September 20: Forbush @ Randleman

September 26: South Stokes at Forbush

September 28: Forbush @ West Stokes

October 3: Carver at Forbush

October 10: North Surry at Forbush

October 17: West Stokes at Forbush

October 20: Forbush @ Davie

October 24: Surry Central at Forbush

October 26: Forbush @ North Surry


Starmount opens up its 2016 season with a four-game away streak. On Aug. 15, the Rams kick off their season with an away game at East Surry. Last season the Rams went 18-6 overall and made it to the fourth round of the NCHSAA playoffs before falling 2-1 to Mount Airy.

In the MVAC, the Rams held a 11-3 record and tied Ashe County for second place. The Rams scored 83 goals and allowed only 24 in conference play. In non-conference play, Starmount scored 121 goals and allowed only 42. The full schedule is listed below with home games in bold.

August 15: Starmount @ East Surry

August 18: Starmount @ Mount Airy

August 22: Starmount @ North Surry

August 25: Starmount @ West Stokes

August 29: Surry Central at Starmount

August 31: Walkertown at Starmount

September 1: North Iredell at Starmount

September 7: Starmount @ Bishop McGuinness

September 12: Starmount @ North Wilkes

September 14: West Wilkes at Starmount

September 19: Ashe County at Starmount

Sepetember 21: Starmount @ Elkin

September 26: Alleghany at Starmount

September 28: Starmount @ Wilkes Central

October 3: East Wilkes at Starmount

October 5: North Wilkes at Starmount

October 10: Starmount @ West Wilkes

October 17: Elkin at Starmount

October 19: Starmount @ Alleghany

October 24: Wilkes Central at Starmount

October 26: Starmount @ East Wilkes


Last season, the Elkin Buckin’ Elks ended their season with a 9-13 overall record and a 8-6 conference record. Elkin placed fourth in the MVAC with 52 goals scored, and 23 goals allowed. The Elks averaged 2.8 goals per match and 1.9 assists per match. Overall the Elks scored 58 goals and had 294 shots. On the defensive side, the Elks recorded an average of 9.2 saves per match. Elkin opens up its season with an away game against South Stokes on Aug. 17.

August 17: Elkin @ South Stokes

August 23: Elkin @ North Surry

August 29: Elkin @ West Stokes

August 30: Surry Central at Elkin

September 1: Elkin @ Mount Airy

September 6: West Stokes at Elkin

September 8: Mount Airy at Elkin

September 12: West Wilkes at Elkin

September 14: Ashe County at Elkin

September 15: North Surry at Elkin

September 21: Starmount at Elkin

October 3: North Wilkes at Elkin

October 5: Elkin @ West Wilkes

October 10: Elkin @ Ashe County

October 17: Elkin @ Starmount

East Wilkes

East Wilkes placed fifth in the MVAC last season with a 6-8 record. Overall, the Cardinals had a 6-12 record. In conference play, East Wilkes scored 41 goals and allowed 50. In non-conference games, the Cardinals scored 45 goals and allowed 79. Only six games have been released for the Cardinals season, the schedules will be updated as more games are added.

August 23: Mount Airy at East Wilkes

August 30: East Wilkes @ Mount Airy

September 21: West Wilkes at East Wilkes

Ocotber 3: East Wilkes @ Starmount

October 17: East Wilkes @ West Wilkes

October 26: Starmount at East Wilkes

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Starmount opens up its 2016 season with a four-game away streak on Aug. 15. opens up its 2016 season with a four-game away streak on Aug. 15. Ryan DeCosta | File Photo

By Kristian Russell

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