Playoffs delayed by flooding in eastern NC

Staff Report

CHAPEL HILL — The North Carolina High School Athletic Association Board of Directors and Commissioner Que Tucker have made the difficult decision to move playoff dates following historic flooding in many parts of eastern North Carolina.

“The logistics of moving the fall championships dates, especially this close to the events are complex; however, we must do everything in our power to do what is best for our student-athletes in the state,” said Tucker. “Keeping our young people safe as we try to minimize risk of injury must be paramount in our decisions.”

Among changes approved by the board, the weekly limitation in volleyball has been waived for teams in areas affected by Hurricane Matthew, however, the daily limitation has not been waived. Sunday practices and/or competition are still not permissible for any sport.

Below is a list of changes by sport.

Women’s Tennis

Individual Regionals: October 21-22 (No Change)

Individual State Championships: October 28-29 (No Change)

Dual-Team reporting deadline October 19 (changed from October 17th)

Seeding: October 24

First Round: October 25

Second Round: November 1

Third Round: November 3

Regionals: November 9

State Championships: November 12 (Changed from November 5)


Prior to 6 a.m. Oct. 25, teams affected by the hurricane are permitted to exceed the weekly limitations, but not the daily limitations.

Seeding: October 25 (moved from October 19)

First Round: October 26

Second Round: October 27

Third Round: October 29

Fourth Round: November 1

Semifinals: November 3

State Championship: November 5 (No Change)

Men’s Soccer

Seeding: November 3 (moved from October 31)

First Round: November 5

Second Round: November 8

Third Round: November 10

Fourth Round: November 12

Regionals: November 15

State Championship: November 19 (No Change)

FootballSites TBD

Seeding: November 12 (changed from November 5)

First Round: November 18

Second Round: November 25

Third Round: December 2

Regionals: December 9

State Championships: December 16 & 17 (changed from December 9 & 10)

Women’s Golf – no changes; Regionals and State Championships as scheduled

Cross Country – no changes; Regionals and State Championships as schedule

Staff Report

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