Lady Rams fall to Buckin’ Elks

By Kristian Russell -

Courtney Byrd had 16 points for the Rams on Tuesday night.

Kristian Russell | The Tribune

BOONVILLE — The Buckin’ Elks women’s basketball team started off an exciting and full week of basketball with a 55-46 win over the Starmount Rams on Tuesday night. The Elks came in to the night with a 4-1 overall record, while Starmount held on to a 1-4 overall record.

The first quarter saw the Rams take a 2-0 lead courtesy of a shot by Chloe Ford. After Ford’s shot, it took four minutes for either team to score. Kylie Thomas beat two defenders to drive to the basket to tie the game 2-2. From there, Elkin opened the scoring floodgates and kept the Rams on their toes. Catie Beth Brown and Cameron Beals both made a two-point shot to give Elkin a 7-2 lead. While Elkin kept hitting its shots on offense, it posted up on defense and put the Rams against the clock. At the end of the first quarter, Elkin had scored 13 points and held the Rams to a single two-point basket.

The second quarter saw the Elks keep up their scoring tactics with Brown and Beals taking the game into their own hands. Brown scored three baskets for the Elks, while Beals scored two. With a 19-2 deficit, the Rams knew they needed to turn up their offensive and defensive tactics before the half was over. Maggie Freed started things off with a free-throw to give the Rams their first basket in over 10 minutes. Starmount was able to score five points before the Elks were able to earn a basket. Claire Maske made two free throws, and Courtney Byrd made her shot. While the Rams were able to score, the Elks also were back on the scoring track. At the end of the second quarter, Elkin held on to a 25-13 lead.

The start of the third quarter saw a back-and-forth battle between both teams. Starmount would earn a basket, then Elkin would answer back on its next possession. Halfway through the third quarter, Starmount started to make its comeback as it cut Elkin’s lead to 10 points. Byrd made two free throws to give the Rams the points they needed to start their comeback. At the end of the third quarter, the Rams had cut Elkin’s lead, 38-29.

The final quarter saw both teams pull out all of the stops, but in the end, only one team was able to hold on for the win. While the Rams were able to cut Elkin’s lead to four points, the Buckin’ Elks didn’t let up their pressure. When the Rams made the score 48-44, Elkin went on a scoring run and outlasted the Rams to win 55-46.

Starmount (1-5) will meet up with Ashe County (5-3) on Friday, while Elkin will meet up with West Wilkes (1-6) Friday.

Courtney Byrd had 16 points for the Rams on Tuesday night. Byrd had 16 points for the Rams on Tuesday night. Kristian Russell | The Tribune

By Kristian Russell

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