Final results from rodeo posted

By Ryan DeCosta -

The National High School Finals Rodeo concluded Sunday night in Wyoming, and two riders from East Bend were out to win.

Forbush juniors Dylan Ray and Will McCraw competed in the rodeo for Team North Carolina, and while they and the state did not win any big prizes, they left with a feeling of pride. Will McCraw teamed up with Ty Worley in team roping to finish 83rd overall in average. They needed a good time to have a shot at making the final round, but their time was severely impacted by penalties while competitors behind them overtook them. McCraw also finished 34th in tie-down roping average.

It was not Dylan Ray’s best performance at the rodeo. During team roping on Monday, there was an illegal head catch that left his time disallowed, essentially eliminating him from finals contention. He later would post no time on Saturday morning.

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By Ryan DeCosta

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