Anen on top again; Friendship Motor Speedway results

Elkin’s George Anen battles the mud and makes a late pass for the feature win in the Renegade series.

Jeff Johnson powers through turns three and four at Friendship Motor Speedway in his SECA Late Model.

It was a long night for the drivers at Friendship Motor Speedway, and when the dust cleared, one Elkin driver came away with his second feature win in as many weeks.

George Anen drove his way to the front of the field, diving his way to the inside and sliding his way to the lead with only a few laps to go, and hung on for the second week in a row in the Renegade series. Anen entered the race third in driver standings only 15 points behind the leader.

The racing was delayed quite a bit due to heavy rain earlier in the day, and that created challenges for the drivers all night. The muddy conditions had each series sliding around and working the throttle heavily, and that caused some big wrecks, the largest causing over a 45-minute delay.

Racing went long into the night, and once the clock hit 2 a.m., ended with a side-by-side finish with Kenneth Miller edging out Stephanie Caudle in the UCAR series.

All results were not available at press time, but points and full results can now be found on Friendship Motor Speedway’s Facebook page.

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