Racing in memory of young fan

By Ryan DeCosta -

The racing community is set to come together in memory of a young fan this weekend at Friendship Motor Speedway.

Brenton Lee Hall of Ararat, Virginia, passed away last Saturday. Only 2-years-old, the only love greater than his love for racing was his love for everyone around him. Hall got the opportunity to ride shotgun in a two-seater car around the Friendship Motor Speedway earlier this year.

“He said that it was his home track,” Darlene Brown, co-owner of Friendship Motor Speedway, said. “He wanted to drive in a car, and he thought he was driving.”

To celebrate Hall’s life, Friendship Motor Speedway is having a four-lap tribute during Saturday night’s events. Hall’s favorite color was orange, so drivers and fans alike will be holding orange balloons throughout the tribute.

It is always tough when someone’s life is cut short, but the speedway plans to keep Hall forever in its memories. Hall would have turned 3 Aug. 21. From now on, the track owners have stated that the race that falls on the week of Aug. 21 each year will be in remembrance of Brenton Hall.

“I think he’d be happy to see that and smiling,” Brown said.

Gates open at 3:30 p.m. this Saturday. The tribute is scheduled to start before feature races later in the night.

Ryan DeCosta can be reached at 336-258-4052 or via Twitter @rsdecosta. courtesy of Friendship Motor Speedway

By Ryan DeCosta

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