Heavy downpour cancels racing at Friendship Motor Speedway

By Ryan DeCosta - rdecosta@civitasmedia.com

Mother Nature was not on Elkin’s side Saturday night, and in light of a heavy downpour which nailed the eastern side of town, racing at Friendship Motor Speedway was cancelled.

SECA Crates, Open Wheel Modifieds, Limited Sportsman, Renegade, Xtreme Stock 4, and UCAR were all scheduled to go out Saturday as the summer and season was starting to wind down. Instead, they all got stuck in the mud.

It took away some interesting storylines, including Elkin’s George Anen Jr. Anen has won the past seven races in the Renegade series, leading to many protesting the car. After coming from last to win the race Aug. 8, officials tore his engine apart for inspection and found everything in his car to be legal. Still, drivers have expressed frustration, making Anen seem like a target for the Aug. 22 race. Officials will be on the lookout for foul play, as last year in the Renegades, one driver intentionally took out Shaun Robinson and sent him into a barrel roll. Robinson had been on a roll last year much like Anen is now, so there is reason for worry in the No. 42 stable.

It also took away the opportunity for C.J. Lyons to get back on the track for the Renegade series. Lyons blew a motor in early May, and because of the expenses for a new one, Lyons had to sit out for a few weeks. This would have been the first weekend back for Lyons, but instead, the racer for Michael Harrell’s team out of Ronda has to wait another weekend.

Racing was scheduled to begin at 7 p.m., but when the rain came in the mid-afternoon it made it a challenge to get the track race ready. They were persistent and made the best effort that they could, but the combination of the humidity in the air and lack of wind made it tough to dry up the track. After making a decent attempt, racing was officially postponed shortly after 8 p.m. The racing does not appear to be rescheduled.

On Aug. 22, some of the series that tried to hit the dirt this weekend will go after it again. Limited Sportsman is the only series not returning Saturday, and will return to the track on Aug. 29. Super Stock 4 comes back after a weekend off.

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By Ryan DeCosta


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