Greyhounds roll past Falcons

By Kristian Russell -

Micah Cranfill was the top scorer for the Falcons as he had 23 points.

Kristian Russell | The Ripple

Parkley Hennings drives to the basket during the Falcons game against West Stokes.

Kristian Russell | The Ripple

EAST BEND — Last week the Forbush Falcons matched up with the North Surry Greyhounds in East Bend. The Lady Falcons had the stage set for a win until the Greyhounds made a fourth-quarter surge, while the boys team took a 104-78 loss.

Lady Falcons — West Stokes 55 – Forbush 49

At the beginning of the season, Forbush senior Calyn Davis said one of her goals this season was to beat North Surry. Unfortunately for Davis and her teammates, North Surry’s fourth-quarter surge on Tuesday night put the game out of Forbush’s reach. The Greyhounds came out firing and ended up taking home a 55-49 win to take hold of first place in the Western Piedmont Athletic Conference.

Things started off in the Falcons’ favor, as Elle Sutphin drew a foul on Nicole Scott. Scott made both of her free throws to give the Falcons a 2-0 lead. Mikaela Johnson answered back on the Greyhounds’ next possession as she made a two-point basket to tie the game 2-2. The Falcons went on a roll after Johnson’s two-point shot, as Parkley Hennings hit a free throw and Scott hit two more free throws. In the closing minutes of the first quarter, North Surry was able to score four more points as Martha Holt made two baskets. The Falcons held on to a 10-6 lead at the end of the first.

The second quarter saw both teams shake off the nerves as the Falcons and the Greyhounds came out firing. North Surry claimed the first points of the quarter as Maggie Hawks made a free throw. Davis had a quiet first quarter, but in the second, she turned on her scoring as she put up a three-point shot to strengthen the Falcons’ lead. Forbush took a 15-9 lead over the Greyhounds with its consistent passing and its defensive strategies.

The closest the Greyhounds came to taking the lead came when Tiana Shuff hit a shot to bring North Surry within two points. Just as the Greyhounds looked to be closing in on the Falcons, Scott hit a three-point shot to take the lead back to five points. By halftime, the Falcons had turned up their game as they took a 31-23 over the Greyhounds.

In the final two quarters, North Surry showed the Falcons it came out to play by scoring 17 points in the third quarter, and 15 more in the fourth. The Greyhounds were able to tie the game in the final minutes of the third as Sutphin hit her shot. Forbush answered back with a three-point shot courtesy of Hope Grimes, and the Greyhounds were not able to tie the game again until the final quarter. The Falcons held on to a 42-40 lead at the end of the third.

Arin Bunker got the tidal wave going in the fourth quarter for the Greyhounds as she tied the game 42-42. The Greyhounds were able to take their first lead since the first quarter as Sutphin made a free throw to give North Surry a one-point lead. Both teams battled back and forth trying to gain the advantage, and it wasn’t until the final two minutes that North Surry gained an eight-point lead over the Falcons. The final blow came when Taylor Duncan helped the Greyhounds put the game out of Forbush’s reach in the closing seconds. North Surry had successfully staged a fourth-quarter comeback to take a 55-49 win from the Falcons.

Forbush move to 15-3 overall and 3-1 in the WPAC.

Boys basketball — West Stokes 104 – Forbush 78

For two teams who have seen sparks fly every time they meet on the court, Tuesday night’s game between North Surry and Forbush was right on track with previous games. The Greyhounds averaged over 20 points per period, while the Falcons kept up with them until the final two periods. North Surry didn’t look back or shy away from the basket, as the Greyhounds took home a 104-78 win over the Falcons to earn another WPAC win.

The first period saw both teams score in the double digits that are usually the product of two periods combined. Forbush scored 25 points and North Surry scored 26 to give the crowd something to look forward to in the final three periods.

Forbush started things off with an 11-0 lead as the Falcons hit three three-point shots in a row. Travis Gardner started the three-point wave with his basket, which was followed by a three-point basket by Jared Bowman and another three-point basket by Micah Cranfill. The Falcons were flying high as Josh Wood kept things going with a layup to take the Falcons’ lead into double digits.

The score never seemed to faze the Greyhounds, as Mason Hawks got things going with a three-point shot of his own. Casey Hull kept the ball rolling as he made a shot and completed his three-point play by making a free throw after he was fouled by Logan Lineberry. Kendal Tucker put the game within three points as he made a three-point shot for the Greyhounds. The action kept coming from both sides, as Carter Phillips and Avery Smith put their names on the score sheet with two baskets.

Although the Greyhounds went on a scoring run, the Falcons were able to keep the lead until the closing seconds of the first period, as Phillips made a two-point shot, then followed it up with a free throw to give North Surry its first lead of the game.

The action continued in the second period as North Surry scored 27 points and Forbush scored 21. Phillips tuned up his shots, as he scored basket after basket for the Greyhounds. Lineberry and Cranfill kept things going for the Falcons, but it wasn’t enough as North Surry took a 53-46 lead into halftime.

The third period was a back-and-forth affair between both sides until Phillips once again put the game in North Surry’s hands. The Falcons started to get frustrated, as it seemed the Greyhounds could not miss a single shot. North Surry kept up its pressure on offense and defense as it took a 14-point lead by the end of the third.

The final period was the final blow for the Falcons, as North Surry scored 29 points and Forbush scored 17. The Greyhounds hit the coveted 100 points and the Falcons knew the game was over. At the end of the game, North Surry had blown the Falcons out of the water with a 104-78 win.

For the Falcons, Micah Cranfill came away with 23 points, Logan Lineberry held on to 17, Travis Gardner had 12, Josh Wood and Jared Bowman had eight, Lance Kennedy and Jackson Cooper had three, while Woods-Hargrove and Hall had two.

Micah Cranfill was the top scorer for the Falcons as he had 23 points. Cranfill was the top scorer for the Falcons as he had 23 points. Kristian Russell | The Ripple

Parkley Hennings drives to the basket during the Falcons game against West Stokes. Hennings drives to the basket during the Falcons game against West Stokes. Kristian Russell | The Ripple

By Kristian Russell

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