<i>”Yes, Cleveland will be president after March 4th, and T.A. Smitherman makes the best and cheapest vehicles.”</i><br>
That was a recurring slogan in one of the most common advertisements that ran in the Yadkin Ripple in 1893, the first recorded year of the Ripple.
When the first edition of The Yadkin Ripple started in 1892, Benjamin Harrison was president, and Grover Cleveland was about to embark on his second term.
The first edition of The Yadkin Ripple was in 1892, and at that time it was published in East Bend.
Over the years, the paper has retained the same unique name, which has drawn attention from people of all walks of life.
“Colonel” W.E. Rutledge found out just how much attention the newspaper’s name received when he was attending a groundbreaking ceremony at Wake Forest University with President Harry Truman. Truman and his staff wanted to meet the editor of The Ripple because they liked the name of the newspaper.
For more than 120 years, The Ripple has kept the same name, but it has evolved greatly. In the 1890s, it was running advertisements for vehicles – mostly buggies, carts and wagons.
Like the transportation industry, The Ripple has also evolved over years.</p>
<p>Today, it still has its print edition, and publishes every Thursday. But in addition to its approximately 7,000 print readers, it also has a website that attracts about 15,000 unique visitors a month. Its online presence, www.yadkinripple.com, reaches people throughout the nation and even in other countries. The website is accessible via both computers and mobile devices.
The staff does much more than produce news and offer news and advertising. It offers a wide variety of new media opportunities and solutions that include apps, websites, search engine optimization, and reputation management.
Our goal of giving readers a balanced and fair account of what goes on in this community and elsewhere in the world will never change, while the means through which we deliver your community news and information has expanded rapidly. Today, our community members can take their news in print every Thursday.
To accomplish this mission, we set for ourselves the following goals:</p>
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