Rich celebrates 99th birthday

Evva Rich celebrates 99th birthday. -

Evva Rich turned 99 on Tuesday. Evva was born on March 20, 1919. Her parents were tobacco farmers, and had eight children with Evva being the youngest. She married Renius E. Rich on Nov. 26, 1949. She was a homemaker, and raised chickens, cultivated her own garden, and took care of her father until his death at the age of 95.

Evva’s nieces and nephews recall fond memories of spending time with Evva at big Sunday dinners at her father’s house. They also recalled Evva growing peanuts, and that they would come over, sit on the porch, and eat peanuts with her.

Evva also babysat her great-niece, Janeece, until she started first grade. When asked about a fond memory of her great-aunt, Janeece stated that when she was 5-years old, Evva made a strawberry short cake one afternoon. Janeece decided that she just had to have a piece of this cake before dinner. Janeece started begging Evva for a piece. With the promise from Janeece to eat her dinner, Evva allowed her to have a piece. Later that evening, when Evva served dinner, Janeece ended up not eating. With a fond smile, Janeece joked that what five-year-old eats dessert before dinner and then ends up even wanting dinner?

Janeece also recalled playing with one of the neighbor’s children. One day, Evva made the two-some cookies that had raisins in them. Janeece and the little boy picked the raisins out of their cookies, and they threw them under the house when Evva was not looking.

Evva is a cherished and beloved family member. Her family wishes her a very happy 99th birthday with many more to come.

Evva Rich celebrates 99th birthday. Rich celebrates 99th birthday.