‘The Scarlett O’Hara Complex’ presented by Bleu Moon Productions

Staff Report

NORTH WILKESBORO — The stage comedy, “The Scarlett O’Hara Complex,” will return by popular demand on Feb. 15. Bleu Moon Productions is producing the show. This adult comedy will be performed at Bleu Moon’s performance space at 216 9th St., North Wilkesboro. Showdates are Feb. 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, 24 at 7:30 p.m. with 4 p.m. matinees on Feb. 18 and 25.

Preshow music by Holden Bare along with the sale of beer, wine and popcorn, will begin 45 minutes prior to each show. Tickets must be purchased in advance. Limited seating available. To purchase tickets, visit www.bleumoonproductions.com.

Southern “Black Widows,” Velma Barfield and Blanche Taylor Moore have been — or are — awaiting execution. Clara Harris ran her husband down in a hotel parking lot, and Lorena Bobbitt — well we all know THAT story. Libby Grant knows ALL of these stories and MORE because she has devoted so much of her time to watching the Investigation Discovery Channel.

But now, in a region noted for sweltering heat and good Gin, a time bomb is ticking and another chauvinistic Southern male’s life may be in danger after one of Libby’s friends, Jenny McKenzie, finds that her husband is trending on social media. Everyone has seen the texts and shocking photos. Fearing her friend may do “something stupid”, it’s up to Libby to convince her tight knit circle of girlfriends that “Jenny ain’t right” and they must stop her before she ends up killing her husband instead of enduring small town divorce. The clock is ticking and Earl McKenzie is in danger of dying from The Scarlett O’Hara Complex.

Written and directed by Karen Reynolds, cast members are Mary Frances/Tana Morrow, Libby/Brittany Daemer, Cat/Kathy Moffett, Claire/Sarah Martin, Jenny/Lisa Mitchell, Jack/Jordan Walker, Earl/Richard Shumate, Ethel Mae/Susan Ringo.

Staff Report