Girls unleash inner strength in Girl Scouts

Staff Report

Summer is ending and school is starting, and that means it time to start thinking about how girls will spend their time outside of the classroom. With dozens of Girl Scout information events scheduled into October, local girls and their families are encouraged to come learn more about Girl Scouts and how to get involved with the organization.

In a safe, all-girl space, Girl Scouts develop important skills, including confidence and perseverance, as well as hard skills, setting them up for success and preparing them to take action for a better world. Today’s youth are more vocal than ever about the change they want to see, and the results are proven: girls who participate in Girl Scouts are more than twice as likely to exhibit community problem-solving skills than girls who don’t (57 percent versus 28 percent). Additionally, 76 percent of women today wish they had learned more about leadership and had more leadership opportunities while growing up, demonstrating how imperative it is for girls and volunteers to join Girl Scouts.

“The unique Girl Scout environment provides fun, exciting and essential experiences that carry into girls’ future careers and life successes,” said Lane Cook, chief executive officer of Girl Scouts Carolinas Peaks to Piedmont (GSCP2P). “We know that offering girls a girl-friendly and girl-led environment is important to their development and we are committed to bringing the Girl Scout program to them.”

In July 2018, Girl Scouts of the USA unveiled 30 new badges for all age levels, ages 5 to 18, that not only enhance the one-of-a-kind Girl Scout experience, but also address some of society’s most pressing needs, such as cybersecurity, environmental advocacy, mechanical engineering, robotics, computer science, and space exploration. With these new focused programs and badges, girls are learning how to proactively address some of the foremost challenges in today’s society while building skills that will set them up for a lifetime of leadership.

To learn more about joining Girl Scouts in your area or starting a troop, contact or call 800-672-2148. Girl Scout information events can be found on the online event calendar at

Staff Report