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By Kitsey Burns Harrison -
Slow cooker chicken and dumplings. - Kitsey Burns Harrison | Kitsey’s Kitchen
Kitsey Burns Harrison - Kitsey Burns Harrison | Kitsey’s Kitchen

If you’re on Facebook you’ve probably seen these little food recipe videos that show the entire dish being put together and made in a minute or less. They are fascinating to watch and the finished meal always looks delicious. I’ve saved probably 100 of these videos but never made one until recently.

As you can imagine, time is not something I have a lot of since I have a 1-year-old son and a full-time job. As such, I’m a big fan of one-pot meals and especially ones that can be made in a slow cooker. A friend recently shared one of these Facebook fast recipe videos for chicken and dumplings. I know, I know, that is one of those sacred dishes that should be made entirely from scratch, or “from stump” as my Granny Jo used to say.

I saw the video and immediately dismissed it. No, of course you shouldn’t make chicken and dumplings with canned biscuits and cream of chicken soup in a Crockpot. For some reason though that little video left me with a craving. Having never actually made one of these recipes from a video I decided it was about time I tried one.

The recipe was fairly simple and straightforward and despite not being made from stump, it was still pretty tasty.

My sorority sister Yvette said she loves the Facebook recipe videos and has made several from the websites Tasty, Goodful and Skinnytaste.

“I do it all the time and I’m usually pleased with the results,” Yvette told me. “Some recipes are super easy while others require me to do my research for certain steps. I always click on the link for the steps of each recipe. My success rate for edibility is in the 90 percent while looks is more in the 60 percent.”

I had a number of other friends say they have great success using these recipes as well, so next time you see one pop in your feed, go ahead and give it a try!

If you’re in the mood for a meal that can be made in a slow cooker and don’t mind that fact that it’s not exactly Granny’s recipe, give this a try.

Easy Chicken and Dumplings (Recipe from


• 1 large onion , diced

• 1 can (10.5 oz) cream of celery soup

• 1 can (10.5 oz) cream of chicken soup

• 1 tablespoon fresh parsley

• 1 teaspoon poultry seasoning

• black pepper to taste

• 4 skinless boneless chicken breasts

• 2 cups low sodium chicken broth

• 2 cups frozen vegetables or peas and carrots , defrosted

• 1 can (8 pieces) refrigerated biscuits (Buttermilk, Country or Homestyle)


Add onion to six qt crock pot and top with chicken breasts. In a small bowl, combine cream of celery soup, cream of chicken soup, parsley, poultry seasoning and pepper. Spread over chicken breasts. Top with chicken broth and cook on high five hours. Approximately one hour (I allow 60 – 90 minutes) before serving (after four hours of cooking time), roll each biscuit thin and flat. Cut into four strips. Add vegetables to the slow cooker and stir. Add biscuit strips on top. Replace lid as quickly as possible. To serve, remove chicken breasts and slightly shred. Add back into slow cooker and stir (this will break up the dumplings somewhat which is OK). Let cook an additional 10 minutes and serve.

Author’s note: My biscuits were perfectly cooked after 60 minutes; however, some slow cookers have required extra time to cook the biscuits.

Kitsey Burns Harrison is a reporter for The Yadkin Ripple. Here she shares her musings on food, life, love and being a new mom. She may be reached at 336-518-3049 or on Twitter and Instagram @RippleReporterK.

Slow cooker chicken and dumplings. cooker chicken and dumplings. Kitsey Burns Harrison | Kitsey’s Kitchen

Kitsey Burns Harrison Burns HarrisonKitsey Burns Harrison | Kitsey’s Kitchen

By Kitsey Burns Harrison